The Diversity

Matrix employs about 250 people from diverse linguistic and cultural backgrounds for different geographical locations in India. The 500+ channel partners and overseas distributors spread across the globe speaking different languages and operating in different time-zones add to this diversity. Thus, giving Matrix team members a unique exposure to diverse people, cultures and technologies. Everyone we work with is valued, respected and treated fairly.

The Collaborative Work Experience

At Matrix, different teams collaborate to accomplish the company goals. All the team members are expected to understand the business processes relevant not only to their departments but also those of other related departments as well. These teams often maintain customer-client relationship internally. This exposes a team member to the objectives, processes and constraints of other departments giving him or her wider perspective of the business as a whole.

Career Development

Your career development will be shaped as per the business requirements, complemented by your skills, your interests, and your ambition. The speed at which you progress in your career will depend on your ability, your drive and your leadership capabilities. Your performance, your acquisition of the right skills, and your willingness to take on greater responsibility are the key attributes we look for.

Current Opening:

1. Engineer - Hardware Design (TL), Experience: 4 to 9 years

Required Skills:

Technical Competencies:

Architectural Analysis,
Schematic Design & Validation,
Signal Integrity,
Board bring up,
EMI/EMC certification,
Testing Integration & Production Support,
Field Issue & Debugging capabilities.

Preferred knowledge on Interfaces:

Processor, Memory
Codec & Speech Interface,
ADC, Video Interfaces,
Audio Interfaces,
Ethernet, USB, Wifi,
LCD, Touch Panel
DC converters

2. S/W Developer (Embedded Linux & Networking fundamentals), Experience: 1 to 4 years

Required Skills:
Embedded Linux
Processor, Memory,
Embedded C
Makefile, Shell scripting and Cross compile
Linux Kernel
Linux Kernel Driver
TCP/IP and Socket Programming
IPtabels, IPSec, L2TP, SSL VPN, PPTP VPN, firewall (Preferable)
NAT, Port Forwarding, Port Triggering (Preferable)
VoIP, SIP (Preferable)

3. Senior Software Engineer - Application Development, Experience: 3 to 8 years

Required Skills:
Candidates must have experience of developing desktop & windows applications.
Must have experience in C#,
Managed C++, JSON

4. iOS/iPhone Developer, Experience: 2 to 4 years

Required Skills:
Objective C and Object Oriented Programming Practice.
User Interface Design
Database Management (SQLite)
Web-Service Dealings (HTML)
iPhone/iPad development and deployment experience

5. S/W Analysis & Design (SAD), Experience: 1 – 3 years (relevant knowledge & experience in QA will also be preferred)

Required Skills:
Networking Fundamentals – OSI Model, TCP/ IP Model,
IP communication and MAC Address fundamentals.
Knowledge about Wi-Fi, Ethernet and other communication media.
Logical and Analytical skills based on some cases;
Basic Algorithm making and flow chart designing skills
Thought Process clarity and problem solving skills
Strong written & verbal Communication skills

6. Embedded Software Developer, Experience: 2 to 5 years

Required Skills:
Proficiency in C, C++, Linux, Device Drivers
Shell Scripting
Hardware Design verification
Thorough knowledge of Board Specific Packages, Boot loader optimization
Linux Kernel optimization
Networking Protocols
Preferably in Video Surveillance/Access Control Domain.
Thorough knowledge of schematic review, board bring up and boot loader.

7. GUI Designer, Experience: 1 to 3 years

Required Skills:
Candidate should have exposure to below mentioned areas
Coral Draw

8. .NET Developer (Desktop Applications), Experience: 2 to 4 years

Required Skills:
Desktop/Windows applications
Socket programing

9. .Net Developer (Web Applications), Experience: 2 to 6 years

Required Skills:

Where to Apply

Interested candidates may send a detailed CV and a colour photograph to the following address:

394-GIDC, Makarpura, Vadodara-390010.
Ph: + 91 265 2630555
Fax: + 91 265 2636598

You may also apply by emailing your detailed resume to: