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Video Content Analysis(VCA) is a broad field in which video data gathered by the various devices is analyzed by specialized softwares that enhances the video surveillance.

The algorithms for the analysis can be implemented as software on general purpose machines, or as hardware in specialized video processing units.

This includes various functionalities like dynamic masking , motion/object detection etc.

Video analytics is one of the tools for the VCA that consists of specialized set of algorithms

Video analytics is basically a software program that acts as a video correlation engine with built-in rules to detect violations or defined conditions. It is programmed onto a server or field device. A server then executes a desired action based on the input.

This framework of algorithms work on the data gathered by the sensors/cameras and analyze it using predefined rules(understand the real time situation) and then takes the action as defined i.e to alert operational systems or personnel to identify or take action to threats, abnormal or undesired situations or conditions.

The software algorithms are integrated with the video images and run on processors inside a computer or on an embedded platform called digital signal processors (DSPs) in video cameras, encoders, recording devices, or video processing units.[attachment=0]forum.jpg[/attachment]