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DVR Integration with Matrix COSEC ACMS
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DVR Integration with Matrix COSEC ACMS

The COSEC system interfaces with the Dahua DVR and enables the users to grab images triggered by user events at the respective doors. The user events and related images can be viewed from the Event View option of the Admin module.

In order to access this functionality, go to Admin Views Event View page appears as shown below.

The door selection option enables the administrator to select the doors from which the user events are to be viewed. The functionality offers two options:

All : View events from all doors.

Selected : View events from the selected door only.

Select the Start and End Date to specify the time period of the user events to be viewed.

Click on the User Range button to select the users whose events at the doors are to be viewed. The multiple selection section allows you the following options for multiple user selection:


Selected Groups

Randomly Selected Users

In the events of the Randomly Selected Users option, click on the Users Pick list button and select the user from the pop up master window. Click on the right arrow to add the user to the list as shown. In order to remove a user from the list, select the user ID from the list and click on the left arrow button.

In the event of Selected Groups option select the groups as applicable. Click on OK once done. The user will be returned to the home page of daily attendance.

Once the user group has been selected the administrator is returned to the initial Event View page as shown above. Click on View to continue. The user events will be displayed as shown.

Configuring the DVR Parameters

Device Type : Select the DVR to which the camera is connected from the pull down list (Presently only Dahua DVR is supported).

Device Address : Specify the IP address of the device (DVR) in this field.

Root Folder : Specify the path to the ftp folder where the user event photographs will be stored. The DVR captures the user event images and stores the same along with the date and time stamp at this location. This path is set from the configuration option of the DVR.

Camera ID : Enter the Camera ID as defined at the device.

In event of a username and password being set at the ftp server, check the FTP login credentials and specify the username and password as set on the FTP server.