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How to do Auto Upgrade NAVAN?

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How to do Auto Upgrade NAVAN?

  • Auto upgrade can be done from V1R3 (NAVAN version) onwards.

  • Upgradation can be done via HTTP protocol.

  • You need to have HTTP server where you can put NAVAN firmware files and NAVAN will fetch files from HTTP server.

  • There are two files that you need to keep in HTTP server

    • NAVAN firmware file named Matrix_NavanFirmware_VxRx (firmware version must be V1R4 or higher)

    • HTML file named matrix_firmware

  • If you don’t have files than please contact Matrix Support.

  • After creating HTTP server, NAVAN must be configured. Go to MaintenanceàFirmware and configuration Managementà Auto-Firmware Upgrade.

  • Enable Auto-Firmware Upgrade, select the protocol (HTTP).

  • Give server IP address and port in the respective fields of configuration.

  • After configuring above parameters, you can upgrade NAVAN automatically on every power cycle or you can schedule the time for Upgradation.

  • After configuring the Auto-Firmware upgrade parameters, click on submit. NAVAN will fetch files from HTTP server on every power cycle or depending upon the Upgradation schedule time.

  • NAVAN will fetch HTML file first and will match firmware version with HTML file. If NAVAN current version is lower than HTML file than NAVAN will fetch firmware files from HTTP server and upgrade itself.

  • After upgradation done, you can check the status at maintenanceàFirmware and configuration ManagementàFirmware Status.

  • IF you find any difficulties or not able to upgrade NAVAN firmware by this method than please contact Matrix Support for assistance.