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Port Triggering
Gaurav Lokhande

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Port Triggering

Port Triggering In NAVAN

A type of port forwarding where outbound traffic on predetermined ports sends inbound traffic to specific incoming ports. Port triggering \"triggers\" an open incoming port when a client on the local network makes an outgoing connection to a predetermined port on a server

Following are the steps for configuring Port Triggering in NAVAN :

Step 1:

  • Open your web browser and enter NAVAN WAN IP eg. [] address in the address bar

  • Enter the SE password

Step 2 :

  • Once logged into NAVAN click on \"Firewall and Security\"

Step 3:

  • Now click on \'Port Triggering\'

Step 4:

  • Click on \'Add\'. A window will appear on your screen

  • In Application – give the service name

  • Tick \'Enable\' parameter

  • In \'Port triggering’ Here you have two option Single or Range

    \'Single\' - Then enter the port to be used as the triggered

    \'Range\' – Enter the range of ports to be used as the triggered

Step 5:

  • Now Configure \'Port Forwarding\' parameter

  • For \'Protocol\' choose TCP, UDP or Both

  • For \'Allow external IP Address\' choose Any or Single

If you want Single IP for which you have triggered a port can only communicate with you than use single otherwise any

  • For \'Forwarding Port Type\' choose Single or Range

If you want single port to be forwarded at the time when single port is triggered then choose single otherwise choose range