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Eterntiy as VoIP GSM Gateway

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Eterntiy as VoIP GSM Gateway

Scenario: Eternity is connected with IP PBX through peer to peer SIP trunk in a local LAN. Extension of IP-PBX can receive calls as well as make outgoing calls through GSM SIM inserted in Eternity.

Prerequisites to use Eternity as VOIP-GSM gateway:

  1. GSM cards and VOIP server card should be inserted.

  2. Gateway license is required in Eternity.

  3. Select proper place to install system so it gets better coverage for GSM SIM card.

  4. GSM signal strength must be in a range of -51db to -85db for better speech quality.

Configuration steps:

  • Outgoing from Site – A:

1) Program WAN Port IP details: Program WAN Port IP details for peer to peer calling

2) Program SIP trunk parameters (P2P):Program peer to peer trunk for calling.

3) Send calling party CLI: Click on advance tab in sip trunk parameter. Set calling party wise in send CLI option.

4) Allow Logical Partition: Allow Logical Partition from here (For Gateway Application)

5) Program CUG: Program CUG table for the numbers to be dialed out using Mobile trunk

6) Program Outgoing Trunk Bundle Group:Define the Outgoing Trunk Bundle group having one member and LCR Enabled

7) Program Outgoing Trunk Bundle Member (Mobile): Define Mobile Trunk for outgoing calls

  • Incoming to Site – A

1) Program TFT in Mobile port parameters: Define TFT 01 for Incoming call on Mobile trunk

2) Program Routing Group:Define Routing group number for Incoming call coming from mobile port

3) Program Routing Group:Define Virtual SLT-2001 in routing group for Incoming call landing.

4) Program SBFT: Define station Basic Feature template for SLT – 2001 for outgoing calls

5) Program OTBG in TAC: Select 01 OG trunk bundle Group for TAC-1

6) Program OTBG :Select OTBG for TAC-1 having SIP trunk as its one of the member

7) Program OG trunk bundle: Define SIP trunk as its one of the member to reach to the extensions of IP PBX

8) Program peer to peer table: Enter IP address of IP PBX in peer to peer table for calling

9) Log out from System Engineer mode and Login to System Admin mode default System Admin password is 1111

10) Search SLT-2001 as shown in figure

11) Set call forward of Station defined in routing group: Define extension of IP PBX 3001 for call forward & define TAC defined for SIP trunk

Note: The extension 3001 is an extension of IP PBX. All incoming calls received on GSM those will forward to that number of IP PBX.

- If you find any problem even after following all steps as mention above please contact MATRIX SUPPORT.