Work Culture

Open mindset

Matrix has a very open-minded work culture - it is a place where there is minimal hierarchy and people are confident to voice new ideas. Employees enjoy trust at the workplace and have a friendly environment within which to perform their duties.

Sense of belongingness

All employees have a sense of pride and belonging - we have striven to create a workplace where discrepancies are kept down to a minimum and where employees enjoy the transparent work culture.

The Collaborative Work Experience

At Matrix, different teams collaborate to accomplish the company goals. All the team members are expected to understand the business processes relevant not only to their departments but also those of other related departments as well. These teams often maintain customer-client relationship internally. This exposes a team member to the objectives, processes and constraints of other departments giving him or her wider perspective of the business as a whole.

Time is precious & deadlines are sacred

We at Matrix strongly believe that managing time at workplace is of great importance. At workplace, we should know how to prioritize the tasks on the basis of urgency & commitments because realizing the importance of time helps in getting more aligned towards committed deadlines.

Problems are opportunity

Matrix believes that Success is only achieved when we turn problems into opportunities. Any problem has multiple solutions and hidden opportunities in it. We know how to deal with it and learn from it. Thus we believe to start by focusing on finding a solution. We believe in emphasizing on what really needs to be fixed when a problem emerges and then think about accomplishing the goal. The point is to shift the thought process to find opportunities when we encounter problems.