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5 Things to Consider while Selecting a Video Surveillance Solution

With a wide range of video surveillance products available in the market, choosing one that fits your requirements can be a complicated affair. Often confused by the variety of decorated features offered by various brands, users end up paying for something that they don’t require and later realize it doesn’t fit their actual requirements. Many are lured by the cheap prices offered by Chinese brands while some fall for products that have low reliability and life span. Furthermore, due to lack of technical knowhow they are unable to see the hidden bandwidth and storage costs which increases the overall cost of the solution. We intend to help you select a video surveillance solution, which not only reduces your storage and bandwidth cost, but also provides reliability along with real-time security and centralized control. Following are the five things that you should keep in mind while purchasing a Video Surveillance solution.

1. Recurring Cost of Bandwidth
Of all the costs involved in purchasing a Video Surveillance solution, bandwidth is the only cost that is recurring, and over a period of time, is the highest contributor. If the installation you’re planning involves multiple locations, the cost escalates. It is therefore recommended to look for the following features while selecting your video surveillance.

Things to look for


A system that allows you to connect to remote locations without Public and Static IP at each location Save recurring cost of Public IP(Min 2000INR per location, per year)
Cameras with multiple streams Allows you to use different streams for recording and monitoring
Cameras with intelligent analytics that utilize low bandwidth during no activity period without compromising on quality Save your bandwidth costs by up to 50%
Cameras that allow you to view important areas in high resolution and the surroundings in lower resolution Save bandwidth wasted for monitoring unimportant areas at high definition

2. Ever Increasing Storage Costs!
Since the early days of video surveillance industry, cost of cameras and devices has reduced drastically leading to availability of an affordable solution. However, storage cost is the only cost that has not decreased. On the contrary, storage costs have only increased over the years. Furthermore, with the advancement in technology and increased usage of high resolution IP cameras, there has been an exponential increase in storage requirement. It is therefore necessary to opt for a solution that optimizes storage, keeping your costs to the minimum.

Things to look for


Recorders that offer camera-wise recording flexibility

Optimized storage  use

Smart recorders that leave out redundant frames during no activity period

Up to 50% savings on storage costs

3. Security, it has to be Real-time!

Previously, these systems were designed as closed systems with a recording device and cameras connected to it, leaving the user with just a recording apparatus. Security has to be real-time, as passive communication does not let you prevent theft but only help to investigate. In the past, thieves would take the surveillance device with them, leaving no evidence behind. Now, if an event takes place under the eye of a modern surveillance system, it will identify the event, send out an SMS and an Email notification with a snapshot of the intrusion in real-time. An even smarter solution allows you to actually assign phone numbers to individual cameras so that you can contact the concerned person immediately. What more, they can connect extension numbers too!

4. Centralized Management-Control is the key to Safety

Large enterprises, especially those with branches spread across multiple locations, find it difficult to exercise centralized control over the video surveillance solution in place. Enterprises can hence look for the below mentioned points in a Video Surveillance solution.

Things to look for


Systems that allow monitoring of multiple devices without a server

Save on huge server costs!

E-map Monitoring

Allows monitoring actual cameras placed on the JPEG map with notification, providing centralized control with simplified and effective monitoring.


Flexible solution allows you to integrate with various other solutions like weigh bridge, billing software and many more.

5. Reliability with No Downtime
When it comes to safety and security, reliability is of utmost importance. Many instances have been reported where even after installation of video surveillance it came to attention during investigation that the cameras were not working. Therefore, it is crucial to know real-time status of all your video surveillance equipment. Thankfully, systems are now available that not only display the real time status, but also give out an instant notification for events like storage failure, recording failure, camera disconnect, etc.

Things to look for


Health Report Provides real-time working status of all cameras and devices
Notification Provides instant notification for all suspicious events
Redundancy of Storage and Server Acts as backup storage if primary storage fails


Organizations face these five problems when selecting or opting for a Video Surveillance solution. The points discussed are sure to make the process easier and simpler for enterprises.


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