Unveiling the latest Matrix COSEC Time-Attendance and People Mobility Management Solution on Cloud SaaS Model
In the rapidly changing market dynamics and customer expectations, organizations are readily adopting cloud based services. Matrix announces the launch of COSEC VYOM, a revolutionary People Mobility Management solution deployed on the Cloud. Smartly designed COSEC VYOM helps businesses achieve flexible Time-Attendance and Access Control solutions at multiple locations in different layouts and varied time zones.

Traditional applications have proven to be an inadequate solution in catering the needs of SMB and SOHO sized markets. With no initial investment, COSEC VYOM promises more achievement with minimum resources. It reduces the cost of assets needed in the form of hardware, software and network devices. It is specifically designed to provide cloud based Time-Attendance and Access Control solutions that offer a superlative range of suppleness in attendance policies, integration and report generation.

COSEC VYOM is an emerging next technology solution that supports add-on modules such as Time-Attendance, Access Control, Employee Self Service, Visitor Management, Cafeteria Management, Field Visit Management, Job Processing and Costing and Contract Workers’ Management.
Scalability: COSEC VYOM is a modern age solution for complex organizations having multiple locations spread across geographic regions operating in different time zones. It encompasses one million users and 65,000 devices.

Intuitive: Managers/Supervisors/Employees can leverage the benefits of Time-Attendance and Access Control solutions with any internet enabled device(s) such as PCs, Macs, Tablets and Smartphones.

Cost-effective: With minimum cost, COSEC VYOM provides maximum gain as it requires no upfront investment. Moreover, it reduces the cost of assets needed in the form of hardware, software and network devices.

Instant Access to Upgrades: COSEC VYOM is a smooth, independent solution that eliminates complexities of maintaining the server. It gives you the benefit of automatic regular software upgrades.

Increased Productivity: COSEC VYOM automates all Time-Attendance and Leave Management process right from recording entries to report generation through real-time updates.

Easy Integration: It provides flexibility to export attendance by seamless integration with third party payroll system. To secure your premises, COSEC VYOM allows easy integration with third party hardware such as Video Surveillance, Turnstile, Boom Barrier, Tripod and more.
Matrix Upgrades its SOHO Range of IP-PBXs for Superior Performance and Aesthetics
Matrix, known for tailoring the products according to customers’ needs and latest technology, has revamped the small business PBXs. The two eminent members of SOHO PBX family, ETERNITY NE and ETERNITY PE are now available with plastic enclosures. The processor of ETERNITY NE has been upgraded to TI AM3355 and the speed has been increased up to 256 MB. The main aim behind introducing these changes is to improve the face value, ruggedness and functionalities of the IP-PBXs. Although, there is a slight change in the dimensions of ETERNITY NE, the IP-PBXs can be mounted on racks by using the clamps of NAVAN CNX200. The increased processor speed promises quick data transfer, fast switching even in heavy call traffic scenarios. The updates have no impact on scalability and flexibility aspects of ETERNITY NE and ETERNITY PE. “With enhanced SOHO PBXs, we aim to tighten our grip on the SOHO and SMB market. However, having common inventory for SOHO PBXs will help us expedite our dispatch procedure and gain customers’ confidence”, commented Sagar Gosalia, Sr. VP. Sales and Marketing
COSEC Bluetooth based Access Control
Mobile phones have integrated as an essential element in our day-to-day life. Presently, along with swift communication, it is tremendously used for Payment of Bills, E-commerce Shopping, Health Monitoring, GPS Navigation and more. A similar progressive trend is observed with access control, which initiated with RFID Cards, then expanded with biometrics and now it is being enhanced with advanced mobile credentials like Bluetooth.

Matrix offers gesture based identification of users. Its “Your Mobile is your Identity” allow users to mark attendance and gain access by simply twisting their mobiles in the vicinity of the entry or exit point. Matrix has evolved the mobile technology whereby basic Access Control and Time-Attendance functions can be carried out on a mobile. Bluetooth based Access Control allows access to users just by a gesture of a phone in front of the device.
Simply twist your mobile phone in vicinity of the device to gain access and mark attendance easily.
Works where Biometric Devices are Difficult to Access
No Constraint on Number of Users Compared to Biometrics
Works on Mobile’s Unique IMEI Number
Wireless and No Physical Contact with Sensor
Requires One Time Bluetooth Pairing
Secured Communication between Server and Mobile

Twist Mobile and Get Access: Gesture based “Your Mobile is your Identity” technology provides automated wireless access control, which allows users to open a door from a distance by simply rotating their smart phones. As a result, multiple users can simultaneously gain quick access.

Reliable and Secured Communication: Matrix ensures secured communication between device and server, as the data exchanged between them is encrypted. Only the registered mobile phones can have access. Moreover, Bluetooth based Access Control diminishes False Acceptance Ratio (FAR) and False Rejection Ratio (FRR). It provides convenience to install a device, irrespective of the location. There is no need to enter a password on touch screen and there are no additional devices needed.

Ministry of Finance, Republic of Indonesia Trusted Matrix for Centralized Time-Attendance
Company Profile
Financial management has existed right from the era of Kingdoms in Indonesia. Ministry of Finance is an institution under Indonesian Government, which has an important role in conducting economic development. In Indonesia, the important role of the Ministry of Finance is managing state’s finances and assisting the leader in the state’s finance and asset. Therefore, the Ministry of Finance can be considered as the guard of state finance.
Business Challenges
After having a word with Ministry officials, Matrix got to know that the organization faced many issues when users had to place their palm on the surface of palm geometry reader. This resulted in making devices dirty. Moreover, such devices were not able to reflect real-time attendance in the system. Hence, they were not getting correct time-attendance data for timely and accurate salary payment. To resolve all the above challenges, they wanted latest contactless technology for centralized time-attendance solution, which can connect its 141 locations with the head office in Indonesia. Furthermore, they needed a solution which can be easily integrated with their own time-attendance and payroll software.
Matrix Offered Solution:
With extensive study of the existing system and client requirements, Matrix gave a comprehensive People Mobility Management Solution to Ministry of Finance, Indonesia that took care of all their business challenges.

Matrix provided a centralized solution, which connects 141 different locations with the COSEC CENTRA server to their corporate head office located at Jakarta. Attendance of each employee can be marked from any location as all the terminals are interconnected with each other and with the central server through VPN network. User credentials will be transferred automatically to every device connected with the COSEC CENTRA server. It will prevent users to enroll at every location.

Furthermore, Matrix provided COSEC DOOR PVR, which is a contactless technology that reads internal vascular pattern of palm and give accurate result to provide utmost security and hygiene. These palm patterns are unique to each individual and exists underneath the skin layer so they cannot be faked, thereby making it more secure than any other biometric technology.

Reduced Salary Calculation Time by 80%
Improved Productivity
Error Free Time-Attendance Data for Salary
Faster Decision Making with the Help of Informative Reports
Renaissance Palace offers Exceptional Services to Guests with Matrix Telecom Solutions
Renaissance Palace Hotel, equipped with 60 rooms located in Baku, Azerbaijan is known for its excellent hospitality services. The hotel’s location near the Azerbaijan State Philharmonic hall, Baku State University, Palace of Shivram Shahs and Nizami Museum makes it an ideal destination for tourists. However, availability of business center, professional ambience and meeting rooms attracts business travelers as well.
Room to Room Connectivity
Connectivity between Different Departments
Wireless Connectivity
Operator’s Inability to Handle Heavy Call Traffic
Proper Management of Routine Hotel Activities
Seamless Connectivity between Analog Extensions
VOIP Connectivity to Remove Hassle of Installing Wires
Consolidated Interface to Monitor Daily Hotel Operations
Digital Key Phones for Improved Communication Convenience
Ergonomic Operator Console DSS16x4 for Proper Management of Calls
Improved Connectivity between Staff Members
Enhanced Guest Living Experience
Compact Footprint
Matrix Recognized as One of the Top Ten Unified Communication Solution Providers by Enterprise Networking
Matrix was recently recognized as one of the top ten Unified Communication Solution providers by Enterprise Networking. The Unified Communication solution - SARVAM UCS is engineered on the four pillars of Collaboration, Communication, Messaging and Mobility.

Access of real-time and non-real-time communication from a single reliable platform, makes SARVAM UCS an ideal fit for different industries’ communication needs. With IP at core, the employees get access of different features such as Presence Sharing, Audio Conference, Instant Messaging and more. The platform unifies modern networks such as VOIP, wireless networks such as GSM and Analog networks like ISDN BRI and PRI. The availability of versatile features on a rugged platform and applications in varied scenarios made the server pass stringent evaluation process of Enterprise Networking and win the laurel.

“SARVAM UCS has been impacting the market at the time when there is a technological shift onto IP networking. We are truly honored to have been acknowledged as one of the major innovators in the field. We thank Enterprise Networking for their well-researched articles and maintaining the quality of work over a period of time and shall strive to add more substance to the solutions as per market requirements”, said Sagar Gosalia, Sr. VP. Sales and Marketing.
Matrix Awarded as One of the Ten Valuable Telecom Solution Providers by Insight Business
Matrix, with a huge portfolio of Unified Communication Servers, GSM and VOIP Gateways, User Terminals and IP-PBXs, was recognized as one of the ten valuable Telecom Solution providers by Insight Business. All these products are designed with an aim of helping enterprises upgrade their communication infrastructure.

With an in-house DSIR recognized R&D, Matrix launches innovative Telecom solutions for Hospitality, Healthcare, Banks, Manufacturing Units and Retail chains at regular intervals. However, strong presence in the domestic and the international market along with zeal to add substance in every product has enabled Matrix to earn the award.

Since its inception in 1991, the company has updated communication infrastructure for big players such as ABB, Viva Gymnasium, Adani Port, Shriram Finance, Al Khodari & Sons Co., Aujan Group (Coca - Cola), Sterling and Wilson, Euro Mechanical and more. In the international market, the company has improved communications at Schlumberger, National Pharmaceutical Company of Zimbabwe, Zimbabwe Electricity Transmission and Distribution Company, Botswana Police Department, Konkola Chingola Mine and many more.

“Our solutions are satisfying the communication requirements of different enterprises worldwide. Recognition as one of the most valuable Telecom solutions provider has motivated us to add feature-rich products to our portfolio”, concluded Sagar Gosalia, Sr. VP Sales and Marketing.
Matrix Successfully Launched its AADHAAR Enabled Biometric Device and Announced Availability of Telecom and Security Solutions on GeM Portal
Matrix, a leading manufacturer of physical Security and Telecom solutions, devises solutions for different industries. The company recently expanded its Time-Attendance portfolio with the release of AADHAAR Enabled Biometric Attendance System. The solution is released with a view of meeting the functional requirements for employee time tracking system of Government organizations.

Matrix conducted an exclusive product event of its cutting-edge Fingerprint and RFID Card based AADHAAR Enabled Time-Attendance Terminal - COSEC VEGA FAXQ. The product was launched nationally across different cities starting from Mumbai, Bhopal, Jaipur, Bhubaneshwar, Kolkata, Delhi and Chandigarh.

Matrix unveiled its COSEC VEGA FAXQ and spread the knowledge regarding the availability of Telecom and Security solutions on GeM portal across the country. The events conducted in association with esteemed partners, witnessed the enthusiastic participation of numerous business associates and Government system integrators.

COSEC VEGA FAXQ is the first embedded Linux based AADHAAR enabled biometric device registered on AEBAS Server. The device offers unique advantages in terms of connectivity, technology, usage environment and ease of use. The system supports fingerprint as well as Mifare smart card as credentials.

In the event, Matrix spread awareness amongst Government system integrators about the availability of Security and Telecom solutions on Government E-Market place (GeM). The procurement and payment procedure was also explained to the SIs. Furthermore, demonstration of solutions was conducted with a view of offering better understanding of latest Telecom and Security solutions to the event attendees.

“We are enthralled by the huge attendance at the event. We expect to attain a tight grip on the Government market based on the interactions we had at the event with system integrators”, concluded Sagar Gosalia, Sr. VP. Sales and Marketing.
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