Maintaining high level of service standards is a key aspect and priority at Matrix Comsec Pvt. Ltd. Our policy with respect to all IT services is to:

  • Continually improve the effectiveness of the Service Management System and the services.
  • Enhance the current processes to bring them into line with good practices as defined within ISO/IEC 20000.
  • Achieve ISO/IEC 20000 certification and maintain it on an ongoing basis.
  • Increase the level of proactivity (and the customer perception of proactivity) with regard to the ongoing delivery of services.
  • Achieve an enhanced understanding of and relationship with the businesses to which the services are delivered.
  • Make the delivery of services more measurable in order to provide a sound basis for informed decisions.
  • Review Service Level metrics on an annual basis to assess whether it is appropriate to change them, based on collected historical data and customer feedback.
  • Obtain ideas for improvements via regular service meetings with customers and document them in a Service Improvement Plan.
  • Review the Service Improvement Plan at regular management meetings in order to prioritize and assess timescales and benefits.

Ideas for service improvements may be obtained from any source including customers, suppliers, IT staff, risk assessments and service reports. Once identified, they will be added to the Service Improvement Plan and evaluated by the staff member responsible for continual service improvements.

As part of evaluation of proposed service improvements, the following criteria will be used:

  • Cost
  • Business Benefits
  • Risk
  • Implementation Timescale
  • Resource Requirements

Applicability: All customer/supplier facing departments.