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Hotel Surveillance Systems

One of the biggest hits that impacted the decline in the Indian economy was taken by the hospitality industry. With the impact of loss reaching as high as Rs.90,000 crores according to The Week magazine. One can only imagine the recovery to be expected near the end of 2022 or the beginning of 2023. However, the situation has taken a turn at the end of 2020 as the demand for occupancy increases. In spite of the demand, hoteliers turned towards cost optimization strategies during such tough times and tend to cut down on their staff. But, they shouldn’t be cutting down on their hotel security during these times. As the number of occupancies is expected to rise, similarly are their expectancies of guests from hotels to offer a secure environment. To ensure the same, hotels should invest in security solutions. Apart from these, here are three reasons why security shouldn’t be compromised:


The novel COVID- 19 viruse is impacting us in waves, so hotels can’t compromise on security. Where, the employees are cut down to almost half in many premises, the chances of breaches increase. So, hotel surveillance systems over here act as the first line of defense against threats that can hamper the customer experience during the stay. Moreover, the security cameras act as your eyes against people who are planning something malicious and prevent casualties from happening. Ultimately, leading to a positive customer journey. Again, at present, the millennials are the ones who are establishing new travel trends and majorly responsible for driving the sales. Hence, if the security deployed is in sync with the compliance, the guest can further recommend the hotel in their social circle.  


There have been a plethora of incidents where the guests filed a lawsuit against the hotel on unnecessary grounds. Hoteliers in such situations are thrown in the corner and have to pay huge compensation for the lawsuits. Hotel surveillance cameras in such situations help in solving the issue by identifying whether the issue raised by the guest is genuine or not. As a benefit, other guests that are attending any important events are not disturbed. To add to this, if the hotel’s property is damaged due to any disorderly conduct by guests they can claim the damage amount on the grounds of proof. 


The recession in the hotel industry resulted in many employees losing their jobs. Now, hotel owners should invest in security even in such times as many of the times hotel employees are responsible for going against the management. Moreover, incidents of inventory shrinkage can add up to the cost the hotel bears for serving their guests. IP video surveillance systems provide security personnel with the most minute details in such cases. The reason for the same is their exceptional video footage quality as compared to analog CCTV surveillance.

In contrast to such benefits, investors always have turned down the offer of hotel security when it comes to establishing a secure premise. The management has a tendency to choose passive security measures over advanced security measures. As a result, they end up facing issues like thefts, frauds, and other malicious attacks. 

But, in present times, when safety is of utmost importance, hoteliers need to change their attitude towards security and invest more. While turning towards advanced security options, the cost can become an issue as advanced security solutions come with heavy pricing. Understanding the same, Matrix Security Solutions are designed keeping in mind to deliver advanced security to the clients without compromising on their budget. The products are designed keeping in mind the national and international standards. So, turning towards these solution experts would be a wise decision. For more information, you can drop them your query at or you can give them a call on their toll-free number 1800-258-7747.

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