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Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) Solution uses Optical Character Recognition (OCR) Technology to recognize vehicle registration plates, leveraging existing IP camera network or allocating dedicated cameras for reading licence plate. 

Widely used in law enforcement, process automation, and digitization, ANPR Solutions proves invaluable for vehicle tracking, toll collection, and entry/exit monitoring. 

Matrix’s ANPR algorithms cater to a wide range of license plates across various countries. The advanced technology, featuring OCR, ensures 24/7 operation, making it a versatile solution for applications like tolling, traffic management, and weighbridges. 

Matrix’s VMS – SATATYA SAMAS offers robust, globally integrated ANPR capabilities.

What Matrix Offers

Vehicle Identification using ANPR Solution

The Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) system employs OCR technology for precise vehicle identification through number plate reading. 

Users can customize camera settings in the Admin Client/Vehicle Management/Profile Section, incorporating elements like region of interest, schedule, and selected country. This ensures a customized ANPR functionality in the Video Management System (VMS).

Leveraging the VMS Local Database, administrators can seamlessly upload user and vehicle information. The COSEC Integration further enhances productivity, linking user profiles and vehicle data with VMS – SATATYA  SAMAS to enforce vehicle authorization at entry gates.

ANPR Solution facilitates authorized entry within the premises, enhancing security and access control for businesses.

Advanced Application in Parking Management System

In parking lot management, Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) offers advanced features like Whitelisting and Blacklisting for precise vehicle recognition. Admins can upload user and vehicle details to the VMS Local Database, integrating with COSEC for efficient staff management. This ensures vehicle authorization at entry gates, enhancing security.

Another key feature is Parking Slot Occupancy using ANPR solution. As cars occupy slots, IP cameras detect license plates, updating slot status. The Parking Slot Dashboard provides real-time data on slot availability and specific vehicle locations, streamlining parking operations for cost savings and increased efficiency. 

Wrong parking or parking in reserved slot can also be prevented using ANPR.

ANPR Solution Application in Weighbridge Management

Weighbridge management, empowered by Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) and surveillance cameras, revolutionizes transactional accuracy. 

ANPR identifies vehicles, linking their license plates to precise weights recorded by the weighbridge. This integrated system ensures seamless, evidence-based transactions by associating vehicle data with weight measurements. 

Administrators can effortlessly manage the weighbridge process, enhancing efficiency and accuracy. Surveillance cameras provide visual documentation for each transaction, adding an extra layer of security and transparency. 

Weighbridge Management establishes a reliable framework for evidence-driven transactions, promoting accountability and trust in weight-related transactions.

Integration with Boom Barrier and Access Control Devices

Matrix ANPR solution can be integrated with boom barriers and Matrix Access Control System.Using whitelisting and blacklisting of vehicles, only authorized vehicles can be allowed to enter. Integration with COSEC enhances staff productivity and management.

By linking user-profiles and vehicle data with SATATYA SAMAS, the system ensures effective vehicle authorization at entry gates. A notable advantage lies in the system’s ability to recognize vehicles based on their created IDs. This recognition feature ensures authorized entry into premises, reinforcing security measures and streamlining access control.

Monitor the Direction Vehicles Movement Through Entry/Exit

The CREAM module facilitates data export of ANPR detection in VMS. It supports third-party applications, ensuring interoperability and catering to custom organizational needs. This aids third-party applications requiring vehicle details, entry/exit times, and charging vehicle owners for parking. 

Investigator Analysis allows ANPR engine use on recorded video files, integrating with ARH-CARMEN for diverse country support. Triggering ANPR detection through VMS events, third-party cameras, or manual clicks optimizes resource utilization. Administer Edit enables correction of detected data, reducing false detections. 

Alerts, Notifications & Reports provide real-time decision-making power, offering proactive vehicle management and digital record-keeping for effective premises handling.

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