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Top 10 Security Trends

10 Top Security Trends to Watch Out For In 2024

Video Surveillance Solutions

10 Top Security Trends to Explore in 2024  The ever-evolving state of security trends will have a significant impact on how businesses secure their operations. The growing importance of cybersecurity is fueling innovation, particularly in video surveillance systems. Through the seamless integration of AI, video surveillance systems are advancing to…

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7 Reasons Why Cloud-Based Access Control and Time-Attendance Solution would be the Future of Organizational Management

Access Control | Time-Attendance

Organizational management is an essential aspect of running a business effectively. Managing employee attendance, shift schedules, and access control are integral to running a company smoothly. However, the traditional methods of access control and time attendance solutions are becoming increasingly outdated. Many companies are turning to modern, cloud-based access control…

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Hospitality Sector

Safety and Security Vulnerabilities and Trends in Hospitality Sector

Video Surveillance Solutions

The Hospitality Industry is vulnerable to several external and internal factors. External factors like terrorist attacks, climate change, and health threats (pandemic) could lead to a serious existential crisis for the industry. Likewise, internal factors could threaten the safety of the guests and employees which could bring a bad reputation…

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