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Hospitality Sector

The Hospitality Industry is vulnerable to several external and internal factors. External factors like terrorist attacks, climate change, and health threats (pandemic) could lead to a serious existential crisis for the industry. Likewise, internal factors could threaten the safety of the guests and employees which could bring a bad reputation to the hotel.  

Hotels are duty-bound to ensure the security of internal and external customers and their assets from third-party threats. They are open to the public and any person is free to walk into the property and take a look. In such cases, it is important to understand the intent of the visitors to prevent their entry to the property and reduce physical security vulnerability.

Additionally, hotels have a legal requirement to gather and maintain the personal data of their guests. Unauthorized access to client data could put the guests at risk and their details could be subject to unlawful use. Cybersecurity vulnerabilities can be reduced by filtering out the people who have access to the property and data by having up-to-date vigilance solutions. 

Furthermore, hotels invest heavily in their property and assets, crimes like employee theft and harm caused to the property by the guests could impact the bottom lines. Likewise, customer disputes at the reception counter could dent the reputation of the hotel. Finally, increased internet connectivity puts the hotel under pressure to deliver avant-garde service at all times one bad review could be circulated many times over tainting the reputation of the hotel. 

What is the Significance of Physical Security in the Digital Era?

Physical security systems range from creating man-made barriers like walls, fences, and other systems preventing the entry of unauthorized individuals to tracking the activities of the individuals within the premises. In most brick-and-mortar establishments physical security is of utmost importance. A comprehensive security infrastructure helps hotels have absolute control over security matters of their premises.

Physical security aids early detection and prevention of unwanted events. Any institution that holds the responsibility for the safety of the people and assets within the property should invest in measures to safeguard whatever is under their care. Modern-day security systems should be proactive rather than reactive to help avert incidences before they happen. 

Misconduct and disputes are common in the hospitality industry.  The unruly behavior of the customers and the staff if left unchecked could escalate into a bigger problem and bring a bad reputation to the hotel. Security cameras come in handy for playback, investigation, and resolving disputes.

With the ongoing vaccination drive globally, the worst of the pandemic is now behind us. However, with the new mutations erupting frequently hotels will have to follow the social distancing norms and guidelines especially when areas are at capacity and chances of contagion spreading is high. Various access control systems have already made the access to staff and the guests contactless.

What are Security Challenges Faced by the Industry due COVID-19? 

Pandemic or not the hotel industry is a challenging sector, whatever happens globally as well as locally impacts hospitality. Pandemic particularly has been very difficult for the sector and many hotels have had to shut down the business or are working below their original capacity. Furthermore, to contain the pandemic vital global response was mapped out in terms of travel restrictions, hygiene, quarantine, and social distancing. 

Reduction in manpower has left many areas of the hotel unmanned, exposing the property to security threats. Vulnerable spots like parking lots and lobbies could be a hotbed for crime, the cost-effective means of solving the problem is to install a security system to cover blind spots and centrally monitor the premises.

Hotels now need to check the temperature of the guests visiting their property to ensure an infected person does not enter the property. Special IP cameras can be deployed to detect the face of the people entering the property along with their body temperature. This helps to restrict the entry of potentially sick people on your premises.

Contactless access control is the need of the hour to ensure the safety of the guests and employees to eliminate touching of the surfaces. Installation of contactless access control is money well invested to enhance guest safety and their user experience.

What are the Technological Advancements for Security in this Sector? 

With the end of the pandemic nowhere in sight various industries have adopted new technologies to adjust to the demands. COVID_19 has ushered the hospitality industry towards contactless technologies. Use of Intelligent Video Analytics to ensure social distancing, contactless access control, temperature detection, and many more.

The hospitality sector invests heavily in the property and its aesthetics. The security solutions for this sector should be aesthetically appealing and inconspicuous. Any security solution that provides security without compromising on the looks of the property.

Security is of utmost importance for the Hospitality sector and it can benefit from a range of security solutions available in the market. Intelligent video analytics offers various solutions like Parking management solutions, Perimeter security, access control, and many more. The advent of 5G and IoT will further enhance the security solutions accessible to the hospitality sector.

Additionally Hospitality sector will look into contactless check-in and check-out. Smartphones and Access Control will go a long way in devising strategies for smooth entry and exit of the guests. Technologically advanced systems will make the process smooth and prevent contact and the threats associated with it.

To Sum Up

The hospitality industry is vulnerable to many external and internal security threats which could impact the business adversely. Hotels carry the extra burden of ensuring the safety and security of their employees and guests. There are technologically advanced physical security solutions available that can be customized to meet the specific requirements for your property.

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