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Manufacturing units face challenges in loading vehicles when goods cannot be packed in boxes, leading to instances of theft by truck drivers en route. These incidents cause disputes between buyers and suppliers, harming business relations and future revenue.

To prevent discrepancies, Matrix provides a Video Surveillance Solution that can be integrated with a third–party Weighbridge Monitoring software.

This integrated solution provides visual evidence of the loading and unloading process, acting as proof for suppliers and buyers thereby preventing theft.

What Matrix Offers

Prevent Entry of Unauthorized Vehicles

Prevent Entry of Unauthorized Vehicles

Matrix IP cameras and SATATYA SAMAS, integrated with Boom Barriers, provide a robust security solution to address unauthorized vehicle entry. Matrix IP cameras capture the license plates of vehicles entering the premises. The Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) feature in SATATYA SAMAS processes this data and converts it into digital numbers.

This enables driver authorization, prevents unauthorized access, and allows real-time monitoring of vehicle entries. The seamless integration with Boom Barriers ensures efficient access control, enhancing overall premises security.

Prevent Entry of Unauthorized Vehicles

Visual Verification with Cameras Before Loading


The solution employs three synchronized cameras to ensure a comprehensive verification process. One camera focuses on the truck’s license plate, sending the data to the system upon its arrival on the weighing scale. The second overhead camera captures a snapshot of the container, providing visual proof of its emptiness before loading. Simultaneously, the third camera records the weighing scale, indicating the truck’s weight before loading, and sends this information to the system.

The system compiles all the data and prints a single receipt, encompassing crucial details, offering concrete evidence that the truck was empty before the loading process commenced.


Seamless Integration with Third-Party WeighBridge Software

Get Detailed Receipts as Evidence

When the loaded truck arrives back on the weighing scale, the system captures the same details generating another receipt as proof of the loaded quantity.

The integration of Matrix SATATYA SAMAS with third-party weighbridge monitoring software enhances efficiency and reliability, generating detailed receipts.

These receipts include vital information such as

  • Date and Time of Loading
  • License number of the Vehicle
  • Snapshot of the Loaded Container
  • Post-loading Vehicle Weight

They serve as concrete evidence of the loaded quantity.

Moreover, this system allows for the generation of analytical reports with customized attribute fields, tailored to your organization’s needs, providing further flexibility and utility.

Get Detailed Receipts as Evidence

Avoid False Claims with Snapshots and Video Recordings


With this integrated solution, you gain seamless access to real-time snapshots and videos of the weighing process on your mobile devices, providing concrete proof to avoid false claims. The system supports a Multi-location architecture that centrally manages dispatched and received data, enabling efficient tracking of materials from different vendors and locations. It supports various entry and exit weighing transactions, ensuring seamless data flow between terminals.

Detailed analytical reports offer insights into transaction status and container whereabouts. This comprehensive system enhances transparency, efficiency, and security in weighing operations.


Improved Customer Relationships and Increased Business Revenue

Automatic Weighbridge System

Matrix Weighbridge Monitoring Solution offers direct data Import/Export to SAP/ERP, optimizing and automating daily operations.

It streamlines material tracking and inventory management, reducing manual dependency for efficient processes. By automating the entire workflow, it enhances productivity and accuracy.

This comprehensive solution not only boosts your reputation but also establishes credibility in the market and strengthens customer relations, ultimately leading to increased business revenue.

Automatic Weighbridge System
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