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Railways play an important role in the transportation of any country. Worldwide, millions rely on rail infrastructure to reach their destinations. Ensuring the safety of the passengers and the assets remains a top priority for the railway authorities.

Matrix offers cutting-edge solutions to fortify the railways’ safety measures. Matrix IP Cameras, aligned with RDSO 6.0 standards, promise seamless integration, interoperability, and compliance. These cameras play a pivotal role in monitoring stations, ensuring security compliance, and safeguarding passengers’ well-being.

Matrix’s advanced technology empowers Indian Railways with real-time surveillance, incident playback, and proactive alerts. By enhancing situational awareness, deterring security breaches, and enabling efficient management, we contribute to a safer rail travel experience. With our solutions, Indian Railways can stay ahead of potential threats, foster a secure environment, and uphold their commitment to passenger safety.

What Matrix Offers


  • Prevent accidents and ensure safety of travelers, work areas, and station assets
  • Real-time monitoring with tripwire, motion detection, and timely alerts for proactive response
  • Handheld monitoring via mobile app, bookmarking incidents, and easy clip download of footage
  • Matrix offers RDSO 6.0 compliant video surveillance cameras for the Indian Railways


  • Adequate measures are taken to ensure privacy and protect data while storing, analyzing and sharing
  • Redundancy ensures continuous operation and data integrity in unforeseen situations
  • Robust security measures protect against hacks and IP-based attacks
  • Unauthorized access is restricted, reinforcing overall data privacy and security
  • Command center with multiple cameras, logical grouping, and automatic camera sequencing
  • PTZ camera control via joystick, ensuring no blind spots in monitoring large areas
  • Detect motion, tripwire, loitering, and implement face and vehicle recognition for enhanced security
  • Monitor health status of cameras, NVR, storage, and servers with email and push notifications
  • Ensure data safety with automatic storage changes, redundancy, and robust security measures
  • Store incident video clips for a significant duration without overwriting, along with device logs
  • Cyber Security in Matrix IP Camera as per OWASP ASVS 4.0 L2 (Global Standard for Cyber Security)
  • Quick investigation of real-life events like theft, casualty, injury, and vandalism
  • Backup video clips on USB or PC in AVI format with edge recording and redundant storage
  • Store incident video clips for a significant duration without overwriting, along with device logs
  • Receive alerts for safety violations, fire-smoke, health emergencies, and accidents
  • Automatic video pop-ups and push notifications for quick response and incident management
  • Emergency calling and mass announcements for efficient communication during critical situations
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