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Matrix Comsec is trusted worldwide for providing cutting-edge Security and Telecom Solutions for the Hospitality sector.

Video surveillance in hotels enhances guest and staff safety by monitoring key areas. Robust video surveillance infrastructure deters theft and vandalism and prevents unauthorized access to the premises.  Additionally, it also provides valuable evidence in case of incidents or emergencies. Beyond this, Access Control and Time-Attendance solutions revolutionize hospitality, streamlining check-ins, enhancing security, optimizing staff schedules, and improving dining services while ensuring guest safety and asset protection. In the fast-paced global economy, reliable and secure communication is vital. Matrix offers all-in-one and integrated Hospitality PBX solutions that can be customized specifically for guest-centric hotels and their need to automate regular hotel operations.

Matrix Hospitality Security and Telecom Solutions enable the Hospitality sector to effectively secure premises and establish seamless communication channels for improved operations and guest satisfaction.

What Matrix Offers


IP Video Surveillance Solutions For Hospitality
IP Video Surveillance Solutions For Hospitality
  • Maintain safety in common areas like restaurant, pool, gym, and more
  • Secure guest vehicles and valuables while detecting face mask compliance for Covid safety
  • Prevent accidents and unauthorized access with tripwire, motion detection, and timely alerts
IP Video Surveillance Solutions For Hospitality
  • Command Center with multiple cameras, logical grouping, and automatic screen layouts
  • PTZ camera control via joystick for monitoring large open spaces and no blind spots
  • Detect trespassing, break-ins, and motion, and implement face and vehicle recognition for enhanced security
IP Video Surveillance Solutions For Hospitality
  • Quick investigation of real-life events like break-ins, thefts, vandalism, and loitering
  • Receive alerts for trespassing, intrusion, motion detection, face detection, and emergencies
  • Edge recording, redundant storage, and automatic video pop-ups for proactive security measures
IP Video Surveillance Solutions For Hospitality
  • Monitor staff productivity and behavior in various departments for improved service quality
  • Access real-time operations remotely from PC, mobile, or tablet, overcoming distance constraints
  • Receive automatic alerts on unexpected incidents and security breaches for quick response
IP Video Surveillance Solutions For Hospitality
  • Monitor health status of cameras, NVR, and servers with email and push notifications.
  • Ensure data safety with automatic storage changes, redundancy, and robust security measures
  • Store incident video clips for 3 years, with 60-day recordings and automatic event logs


  • Simplify guest check-in with touchless access using mobile credentials, ensuring a seamless and convenient experience
  • Enhanced security with facial recognition, reducing the risk of unauthorized access and ensuring guest safety
  • Streamlined vehicle entry with readers, controllers, and boom barriers, allowing for smooth and secure access for guests and their vehicles
  • Immediate alerts for unauthorized access attempts and ensuring a high level of security
  • Configure employee shifts and leaves, ensuring optimized scheduling, and minimizing labor costs
  • Precise entry and exit times capturing, streamlining attendance tracking for accurate payroll processing
  • Manage staff overtime and extra work hours accurately, reducing labor expenses and ensuring fair compensation
  • Implement staff temperature screening for health and safety, promoting a safe working environment
  • Manage menus for different meal schedules, allowing staff to access food services with ease
  • Display real-time consumption details for better inventory management, reducing waste and optimizing resource utilization
  • Allows staff to place orders by presenting their credentials, streamlining the ordering process and enhancing dining services
  • Efficient management of access for visitors facilitating seamless registration and authorization processes
  • Implement zone-specific access control preventing unauthorized access to valuable assets and supplies
  • Provide limited access to authorized personnel using tailored credentials, ensuring a secure environment for events and functions

Telecom Solutions

  • The Smart Front Desk Management enhances hospitality solutions with efficient and automated guest reception and check-in processes
  • With Call Management, streamline guest communication by enabling staff to handle calls with a single click
  • The Hotel Activity Log feature provides a comprehensive record of all activities and events within the hotel for improved operational efficiency
  • The Room Clean Status feature enables real-time monitoring and updates on the cleanliness status of each room for efficient housekeeping operations
  • The Check-in and Check-out feature simplifies the guest arrival and departure process, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free experience
  • The Guest-in and Guest-out feature efficiently manages the entry and exit of guests, optimizing security and enhancing overall guest experience
  • The Call Budgeting feature allows hotels to effectively manage and control telephone expenses, optimizing cost management and guest satisfaction
  • With Continuous 24×7 Housekeeping Response powered by VoIP, hotels ensure prompt and efficient housekeeping services round the clock
  • The Built-in Auto Attendant and Multilingual IVR features streamline guest interactions, providing seamless communication in multiple languages
  • The Personalized Facilities and Attention ensures a bespoke experience for guests, offering tailored amenities and attentive service
  • The Voicemail for all Guests feature enables seamless communication by offering personalized voicemail services to every guest
  • The Personalized Greetings for Guests feature adds a warm touch to guest experiences, offering customized welcome messages upon arrival
  • The Wake Up Alarms and Reminders feature ensures timely wake-up calls and helpful reminders for guests, enhancing their stay experience
  • The BYOD (Bring your own device) for Mobile Extensions feature enables guests to use their own devices as hotel extensions, enhancing connectivity and convenience
  • The PMS (Property Management Software) Interface seamlessly integrates with hotel systems, enabling efficient management of guest information and operations.
  • The CAS (Call Accounting Software) Interface seamlessly integrates with hotel systems, providing accurate call tracking and billing information.
  • The web-based management feature allows for convenient access and control of hospitality solutions from any device with internet connectivity.
  • The password-protected Trusted IP and Digest Authentication feature enhances security by ensuring authorized access to hospitality solutions
  • The Secured Connections through TLS/SRTP ensures encrypted and secure communication channels for enhanced data privacy in hospitality solutions
  • The Voice Logger and SMS Server feature allows for recording and storing voice communications and facilitating SMS messaging within hospitality solutions
  • The multi-port radio interface enhances mobility within hospitality solutions, providing seamless communication and connectivity across various devices
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