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The everchanging teaching patterns, new concepts like smart classes, and changes in the curriculum demand the authorities introduce new academic technologies in their existing infrastructure.

Effective communication between students and the faculty is required for prompt doubt clearance and appropriate future guidance. By adding real-time communication processes into our Education system, enhances a robust communication link facilitating the exchange of information regarding classes, changes in course, lecture timings, syllabus exchange, and more. Matrix offers advanced and integrated solutions for educational institutions to extend mobility, reachability, and flexibility using communication and collaboration. The system leverages the current infrastructure and offers the benefits of centralized management ensuring direct and anytime connectivity inside or outside an institution. Additionally, Videosurveillance for educational institutions is necessary to ensure the safety and security of campus premises. Mitigate risks and investigate incidents with real-time notifications and evidence for authorities is essential for proactive surveillance of the premises and maintain discipline, create a positive learning environment, and prevent anti-social activities. Remote viewing for parents, enhance productivity with recorded lectures, and monitor activities for improved education standards. Trust, transparency, and security at its best. Matrix offers time-attendance solutions that help in resolving challenges of the education sector. By eliminating manual attendance processes, reducing errors, and enhancing security, they offer precise tracking, and efficient student and staff management. These systems streamline operations, ensure compliance, and ultimately empower educational institutions to excel.

With innovative technology and strategic investments in the Education sector, institutions can empower students, enhance learning experiences, and pave the way for a brighter and more promising future for the next generation.

What Matrix Offers


  • Ensure campus security by integrating video surveillance with access control, motion detection, and timely alarms for proactive monitoring
  • Enforce restricted access, monitor unauthorized entries, and enhance security with tripwire and external sensors
  • Deploy real-time video popups, ensure safety in hostels, gym, swimming pool, cafeteria, and prevent incidents
  • Command Center with multiple cameras, logical grouping, and automatic sequencing of views
  • Real-time monitoring of sports grounds, parking lots, and perimeter with PTZ cameras
  • Advanced features like motion detection, face detection, and automatic alerts for optimal security
  • Real-time monitoring from PC, mobile, or tablet, enabling remote access for parents
  • Receive automatic alerts during untoward incidents and unexpected movements
  • Safeguard campus facilities, promote discipline, and improve coordination among departments
  • Quick investigation of accidents, break-ins, thefts, vandalism, and student mischiefs
  • Backup video clips on USB or PC in AVI format with redundant storage and failover
  • Remote monitoring for emergencies, 1-year incident video storage, and automatic event logs
  • Monitor health status of cameras, NVR, storage, and servers for proactive maintenance
  • Receive alerts for network, power failures, device issues via email and push notifications
  • Automatic software and firmware updates, data storage redundancy, and robust security measures


  • Real-time monitoring of staff and students entering and exiting the campus, ensuring only authorized individuals gain access
  • Integration of mask detection and temperature screening to maintain a safe and healthy environment, preventing potential health risks within the campus
  • Comprehensive visitor tracking, generating instant alerts on unauthorized entry attempts, thereby enhancing overall campus security
  • Easy shift scheduling, defining week-offs, and public holidays, optimizing resource allocation for teaching and non-teaching staff
  • Ensure accurate compensation for extra work hours, simplifying payroll processing
  • Automate leave application and approval process, reducing administrative burden and ensure efficient management of staff leaves
  • Eliminate manual attendance processes, reducing errors and buddy punching, providing precise attendance records
  • Automate alerts to parents or guardians informing them of their wards’ absence, improving communication and student attendance
  • Track student punctuality, discouraging unauthorized excuses and improving overall discipline within the student community
  • Facilitate cashless transactions in the cafeteria, reducing the need for physical currency and enhancing payment convenience
  • Customize menus, offering flexibility in food offerings and reducing food wastage by better aligning with student preferences


  • Single click call management for seamless communication between educators, students and parents
  • Empowers educational institutions with smart reception management features to optimize visitor handling, enhance security, and efficiency
  • Incorporates Outlook integration for enabling direct calling through emails for streamlined communication and coordination
  • Facilitates quick and reliable emergency communication and response with single click calls
  • Utilize announcement features for educational purposes, like assembly notifications, staff meetings, and important updates dissemination
  • Tracks student progress with a comprehensive database, enabling educators to monitor performance and provide personalized support
  • Enhances educational mobility with secure BYOD (Bring your own Device) extensions for staff, fostering flexible and efficient teaching practices
  • Enables secure call attendance from any location with authenticated mobility features, facilitating flexible learning and communication in education
  • Facilitates interactive discussions and online lectures with call conferencing, enhancing collaboration and engagement in education
  • Utilizes pre-recorded voicemail messages for similar classes, optimizing communication and providing consistent information to students
  • Integrates school/college directories for efficient access to contact information, promoting effective communication within the education community
  • Leverages video calls to provide students with prompt assistance from faculties, enhancing support and engagement
  • Facilitates emergency communication with quick messages, ensuring a rapid response
  • Enables instantaneous reporting of any anti-social activity, fostering a safe and secure environment
  • Implements a foolproof ragging prevention system to ensure a safe and respectful learning environment
  • Enhances education processes with timely integration, optimizing efficiency and streamlining operations for improved outcomes
  • Record conversations between teachers and students to monitor progress, ensure clarity, and provide valuable feedback
  • Empower faculties to seek rapid help during critical situations, enhancing safety and support
  • Enables access to superiors and experts during emergencies, facilitating timely guidance and informed decision-making
  • Empowers education with video calls, conferencing, and quick messaging, fostering interactive learning and seamless communication
  • Enables voicemail for every staff member, streamlining communication and ensuring messages are promptly received and addressed
  • Improves efficiency in the education sector with pre-recorded voice guidance, aiding faculty and students with instructions and information
  • Promotes real-time connectivity between students and staff, fostering seamless communication
  • Empowers the workforce with BYOD extensions, facilitating mobility and productivity in teaching and administrative tasks
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