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New Age Telecommunications in the Hospitality Industry


The evolution of telecommunication and the hospitality industry has almost been parallel. The growth of the former led to the modernization of the latter and vice versa has been true to the fact. In the hospitality industry, starting from telegraph services to telephones and now to smart room technology, the adoption of telecom solutions has been astounding. The benefits resulting from this interdependence ranged from enhanced guest experience, streamlining operations, increase in productivity, improved safety and security, and much more. The rise in tourism especially after COVID-19 has been tremendous, opening tons of opportunities for the economies as a whole. The adoption of new-age telecommunication services will only enhance the hospitality sector to withhold every opportunity unfolding along its path. 

Evolution of Telecommunication in the Hospitality Industry

The basic necessities of a hotel, have been taken care of effortlessly by effective communication for decades. Some of these necessities include reservation, hassle-free check-in, addressing customer requests and complaints, and finally a much satisfactory check-out. With time the addition of services has enabled customers to have a completely new age experience to the extent that the hospitality sector is now being recognized under a rejuvenation category. This all has been partly possible by ever-evolving telecommunication services. 

Let’s have a brief stroll through history to understand how telecommunications evolved over time to aid the hospitality sector.

  • Early days: Earlier hotels used Telegraph services for reservations and other customer services. Followed by, switchboard operators who would connect the guests with the desired room or service. 
  • The emergence of Internet: The advent of the Internet has enabled guests to stay connected to their relatives from the coziness of their hotel rooms even while traveling. 
  • Mobile technology: The emergence of mobile technology has been a valuable addition to the internet service. Now guests can book their stay without even having to call the reception and receive as much information, from check-in times and formalities to photos of their desired rooms or suits.
  • Cloud-based services: The new age technology has become a tool for the hotel industry to develop customer relations by accessing and managing the inventory data of their guests. This has enabled the industry to enhance and build guest experience.
  • Smart rooms: Equipped with state-of-the-art technology, smart rooms are the new-age benchmarks for enhanced user experience.

The periodic evolution of telecommunication has enabled the hotel industry to improve guest experience, streamline operations, and stay competitive.

How Telecommunications is Lifting the Hospitality Sector!

Perhaps, telecommunication has always been crucial to the hotel business. Let’s have a look at how the hospitality sector is being lifted by effective telecom products and solutions. 

Some of the factors that have had an impact on each other over time:

  1. Enhancing guest experience: The ultimate aim of the hospitality industry today is to make the guests feel at home. Telecommunications over time has enabled guests to experience services like personalized facilities and attention (greetings), 24×7 housekeeping, voicemail facilities, and much more. This has ensured a renewed and enhanced guest experience from the enterprises.
  2. Streamlining operations: Telecommunications help streamline hotel operations by providing an effective communication system. A customized solution can enable smart front desk management, providing hotel activity logs, room clean status, etc. The visible effect of streamlining such operations can be felt on productivity, almost instantaneously!
  3. Increasing productivity: Streamlined operations results in faster resolution of tasks, and lesser delays. This enables the reduction of man hours and duplication of tasks by improving coordination. The overall impact is that employee efficiency increases, thus increasing productivity.
  4. Improving safety and security: The safety and security of guests remain a top priority in the hospitality sector. Effective telecommunications ensure that guests can report any incident, request assistance or call for help immediately without any delay. Additionally, a  host of services like Property Management Software (PMS), Call Accounting Software (CAS), etc that facilitate security in communication can be integrated. 

Matrix Telecom Solutions offers all-in-one and integrated products and solutions for hospitality that can be customized specifically according to the respective needs. The product range includes IP-PBX, Media Gateway, UC Mobile Client, Digital key phone, and IP Desk phone. The range enables to serve regular hotel operations for small hotels as well as sophisticated services for luxury hotels. 

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