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IP Security Cameras

In modern times, enterprises are constantly moving up the scale of their operations year after year. At the same time, they highly rely on warehouses and logistics to optimize their processes and make them streamlined. As much as enterprise security is important, warehouse security falls parallel. Facility managers overlooking these colossal warehouses are now answerable for even the smallest good missing from one place to another. What makes the challenge of securing the warehouse more complicated is that multiple locations fall under the same person. Hence, a modern warehouse needs modern security that can mitigate the threats in real-time. 

At Matrix, we understand such complicated challenges and therefore have designed security devices and solutions that overcome them.  Let us explore how Matrix IP Security Cameras can assist in enhancing your warehouse security

Stock Tracking

Firstly, the IP security cameras aid warehouses track their stock easily without many complications. The wider angle of view helps warehouses cover every corner, missing no blind spot.  Our 5MP IP Cameras deliver a 127° horizontal field of view which makes it easier for the authorities to cover the entire area without jumping between cameras. Another advantage is the camera’s core technology which helps in delivering the details. Developed using the Sony STARVIS series back-illuminated CMOS sensor the cameras capture even the smallest details. Also, the same technology results in a higher signal-to-noise ratio thereby resulting in clear images due to reduced noise. Furthermore, technologies such as True Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) balance the lighting in your video footage thereby giving you evenly balanced footage. 

Providing Instant Notifications

Getting clear video footage is not just the only challenge faced by warehouses. Another major challenge they face is getting notified in real-time to contain the threat and reinstate warehouse security without any damage. Our IP security cameras come with proactive features that deliver instant notifications on preconfigured scenarios which helps you tackle the situation with ease. Notifications on motion detection, intrusion detection, tripwire detection, tamper detection are the basic video analytics that are being offered. Furthermore, missing object detection, object counting, loitering, and other advanced scenarios can also be configured. Multiple notifications are delivered in real-time to ensure proactive security. Furthermore, these notifications are being delivered even if there are multiple warehouses to monitor at once. 

Securing Perimeter

Not only monitoring the premises inside the warehouse but securing the perimeter is equally important. Matrix IP security cameras assist in that. The cameras can integrate with ancillary security devices such as motion sensors, electrified fences, intrusion alarms, fire alarms, access control systems to create a wall of defense against any kind of intrusion. Upon the trigger of any of these devices, an instant notification is sent to the concerned person in the form of a snapshot or recording, or notification. Thereby, securing the entire perimeter of the warehouse.

Reducing Surveillance Cost

Monitoring the premises on a 24×7 basis can lead to incurring heavy costs for the authorities. Developed with smart technologies our IP security cameras lead to saving on costs that are being incurred. Firstly, the Adaptive Streaming feature – a smart feature that automatically reduces the bandwidth consumption of the device upon no motion detection in the video footage. Again, video compression technologies such as H.265 compression technology optimize your storage consumption up to 50% by compressing the video footage with the same information as one. Furthermore, technologies such as smart streaming and region of interest also drop down your monitoring costs significantly.

These are not the only features that come under the umbrella of our IP security cameras. The cameras not only offer superior performance but also are built using superior hardware components. The security cameras adhere to various national and international standards.  The cameras can function both in cold warehouses as well as normal warehouses as they can be operational between the temperature of -30°C to 60°C thereby giving the authorities seamless footage even in extreme temperatures. Apart from this, the cameras also adhere to CE, FCC, BIS, and RoHS standards. 

So, if you find these security devices matching your needs and balancing your requirements you can talk to our experts for further information. Get in touch with us at and we will be happy to answer your questions.

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