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airport video surveillance

According to one of the industry reports by IBEF, the Indian aviation industry is expected to surpass the UK and become the 3rd largest market in the world by the year 2024 in terms of air passengers. Keeping this in mind, new locations needed to be converted into airports to match the requirements of the growing crowd and distribute them evenly. Now, with new locations converted into airports arises the need for security of such places.

To ensure this, the airport authority needs to maintain a high-end security system that suffices their needs. For accomplishing this the airports constantly upgrade their airport surveillance system to provide a harmonious environment to all the stakeholders associated with the airport. Furthermore, they are the ones who adapt to the newest technologies first when it comes to security as there should be no room for mistakes. To ensure the same, here are three security considerations the aviation industry must take into account before installing video surveillance for airports.


In yesteryears, the scope of surveillance was limited. Well, this is not the case in present times when surveillance has gotten smarter. With the inception of new fields such as video analytics, video surveillance has become more advanced than before. Now, with such technologies not only can one just monitor the airport premises but also can prevent threats and suspicious activities from happening by controlling people. For instance, while monitoring through a video surveillance system that has a motion detection feature it becomes easier for the authorized person to monitor the premises. Moreover, they can quickly avoid a casualty by getting an immediate notification on the detection of motion in an unauthorized area like a server room and prevent events like loss of sensitive information. 


It is no doubt that airports are spread in a colossal area. Therefore, the chances of people carrying out suspicious activities increase even if there is airport video surveillance. This is because of the blindspots cameras are having due to lower field of view which gives a chance to the people to carry out such malign activities. Now, one must consider that any system used for airport surveillance must be having a wider field of view to eliminate the blindspots. As a result, the probability of insider activity which is one of the biggest threats to airport security drops down. 


Storage costs can become a challenge for airports when they are continuously recording the footage at high-resolution. To elaborate, for instance, a single 2MP camera is placed at an airport and is recording the footage continuously 24*7 for 30 days at high resolution. With outdated video compression techniques, it will consume up to 3.2TB storage a month. But. with advanced video compression technique this goes down to 1.2TB a month. Hence, airports can save a lot if they opt for an advanced airport security system

If in search of an advanced security system for an airport, feel rest assured by choosing Matrix Security Solutions. Matrix offers a high-end video surveillance solution for modern enterprises that suffices their monitoring needs by offering the best in the class IP cameras with in-built video analytics and a higher field of view. Similarly, working towards the challenge of storage they provide their clients with features such as adaptive and smart streaming. Hence, the industry does not stay behind in terms of security. 

Opting for these security maestros would be an idle choice for the upcoming airports. To get in touch with us, you can drop us an email at 

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