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One of the most important aspects of any manufacturing industry is the security and safety of its assets. Not only the safety of physical assets/ equipment but the safety of workers/ employees working in the plant. Just like safety equipment and practices must change from time to time, the world of industrial security must also evolve in response to rising security threats and risks.

Today, manufacturing industries have an urgent need to improve their existing security practices to thoroughly protect their physical and intellectual assets. As this sector becomes increasingly connected these days, it is important that business owners adopt modern security practices that go beyond the conventional approach.
If we concentrate on protecting the physical assets, companies require a solution that combines several security technologies to prevent and mitigate a wide range of potential hazards. This includes advanced IP Video Surveillance solutions integrated with access control technologies that can deter, detect and prevent crimes.

Here are the top 4 actions you can take to protect your manufacturing facility from unwanted criminal activities.

Restrict Unauthorized Access:

There are many ways in which thefts and breaches can occur in a manufacturing unit. Often, unwanted users/ outsiders can create havoc on an organization with a single security breach. Now, if an outsider can breach the access control system, he can easily be granted access to open doors, allowing them entry to confidential areas.

On the other hand, threats from internal stakeholders can be even more challenging. They might have access to all the video/ footage and might delete records which would remove any evidence against the crime. Therefore, an advanced authorized access system integrated with a video surveillance system is needed to safeguard a manufacturing workplace.

IP Security Cameras can be Your Security Weapon:

For businesses such as manufacturing industries, IP security cameras can be used as an effective security weapon. If there is ever any incident on the site, all the security process employees can know about it in real-time and go into action quickly. This reduces risks and enhances safety.

Having said that, even the recorded footage can be used for the post-incident analysis of the mishap. Not just this, an IP security camera for enterprise prevents accidents in a vulnerable facility like manufacturing, by keeping a check on whether employees are adhering to all security guidelines or not.

Enforce Strict Security Policies:

Many companies don’t even have the most basic security policies listed down. So, begin by drafting a set of written security policies and procedures for your company and implement them. For instance, the policies should be about who should be allowed to access what assets, define acceptable asset use and so on. Your policies should also cover a response plan including any procedures to restore critical systems after a security breach.

Follow a Holistic Approach

The manufacturing industry is a blend of many connections. And more the connections, greater the chances of a security breach. No single product, solution, or technology can fully secure a network. Safeguarding critical assets requires a holistic approach that uses multiple layers of security and a comprehensive solution that can address different types of threats. This means advanced Video surveillance solutions integrated with access control is of utmost importance for your facility.


Ultimately, manufacturers who rise through these security challenges by implementing advanced and next-generation security technology are going to gain a competitive edge in the journey.

By taking a holistic approach and combining multiple layers of security, you can protect both – physical and intellectual property from thefts, vandalism and breaches – along with enhancing productivity, reducing downtime and driving efficiency gains across your facilities.

If you are looking for innovative strategies and new IP Video Surveillance technologies to defend your manufacturing sector against growing security threats, get in touch with experts at Matrix Comsec. Our range of IP security cameras and other video surveillance solutions address security concerns and enhance productivity while maintaining quality standards at any manufacturing facility.

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