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The present times witnessed a major change in the way we communicate at our workplaces. It gave birth to hybrid workplaces like work from home which changed our manner of communication. At the same time, it brought up questions about the flexibility and reliability of communication between people at different locations. Organizations which are relying on IP telephony systems sustained during such critical situations due to their flexible communication systems and gained an upper hand. Those organizations which had multiple communication channels or were dependent on hardware products for communication found it complicated to exchange information. If you too experienced something similar it’s the right time to switch to an IP telephony system. But, if you are a rookie at this, what are the qualities you should not miss? Let’s explore it first:


While switching to an IP Telephony system for your enterprise scalability is one of the most important qualities that you should take into account. It is important to know whether the solution that you are opting for is scalable for your future business when your business grows. For instance, if your communication system is scalable and it can be used for multi-location then you can connect your employees on a single network and there is no need for a new communication system to be installed if the number of users increases. Therefore, you must check whether your communication system is scalable according to your future needs.


Next, you need to check for the integration quality of your IP telephony system whether it can be integrated with other security systems like fire alarms, and door controllers. If your system cannot be integrated it would only be able to strengthen your communication infrastructure, not in situations where there is a fire outbreak. Whereas, integrated IP telephony systems notify you in case of an emergency. Also, you can control the entry and exit of visitors with the click of a button rather than opening the door again and again in case any new visitor enters.


Another quality that you should check before getting an IP telephony system is whether the system you are opting for forgives you benefit in the long-distance calls. IP telephony solutions give you the benefit of wireless infrastructure as they are installed in the existing IT system. This saves your cost on the wiring of the system in your infrastructure. But, you should also check whether your costs are cut down on long-distance calls as it brings down your communication costs significantly.


The last quality that you really need in your communication system during this pandemic is the ability to give you the flexibility of connecting existing PBX systems to your IP communication solution. As a result, you can connect your existing phones to the IP system which allows you to take the same advantage of IP phones. Also, flexibility in terms of connecting diverse networks on a single platform gives you the benefit of cost.

While most of the businesses are closed during this pandemic and only major players are there in the market which provides solutions that can burn a hole in your pocket. So, if you are looking for an IP telephony solution that does not burn a hole in your pocket at the same time suffice on these qualities you can opt for Matrix Telecom Solutions. The solution providers have over 1 million customers and connect over 1.5 million calls on a daily basis. Get to know about their unified communication solutions by writing them down at or by giving them a call on 1800-258-7747.

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