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PTZ camera

Video surveillance in present times is more than just tackling potential threats and controlling the situation. With the dynamic needs of the customers, the purpose of surveillance has taken a turn from its conventional path. The direction has shifted towards automation and providing users with optimum monitoring of their premises without utilizing their resources heavily. Synchronizing with the same, PTZ cameras fall under the picture where the users can monitor larger areas without deploying multiple cameras. PTZ cameras are designed keeping in mind to tackle the growing cost of IP video surveillance and making it easier for firms to opt for surveillance without spending heavily.

Pan-Tilt-Zoom or more popularly known as PTZ cameras work on the machine where the camera can be moved horizontally and vertically to cover a wider monitoring area. Here is a list of features that makes them a better option for your security needs.

Higher Zoom In

The foremost feature which makes them a better security option is their ability to zoom into trivial details. Yes! IP PTZ cameras can zoom in better as they are equipped with a varifocal lens which gives the camera a higher focal length. The benefit of the zoom-in feature is that the user still gets the video footage of the same quality.

Higher IR Range

PTZ cameras have a higher IR range. It enables the user to monitor objects to a greater distance in low-light conditions. Also, with technologies like smart IR, the camera can automatically balance the overexposure due to the IR LED lights.


Preset refers to a feature in the PTZ camera where the camera can be moved in the desired direction and can monitor the desired area of interest of the user with a single click. The user can set the direction and inclination in which the camera needs to be moved and the focal length of the camera. This gives the user ease in monitoring a larger area and control over the premises.

Ease of Installation

PTZ cameras are easy to install as compared to normal cameras. In the case of, normal cameras, they need to be positioned in a way through which the whole area is covered. In the case of, PTZ, the cameras can be installed easily as they provide 360ยฐ surveillance to the user.ย 

Sturdy Design

PTZ cameras are an ideal match when it comes to outdoor surveillance. Their ability to withstand harsh weather conditions and provide superior image quality is worth every penny the firm spends on installing these devices. Furthermore, most companies claim that apart from being immune to harsh weather conditions also are immune to damage and can withstand external impact.

Apart from this, the cameras have features like electronic image stabilization which shifts the footage of the camera according to the motion in which the camera is moved giving crisp and clear images rather than creating a blurred image. Also, the cameras have options like auto scan which enables the user to set a limit between the left point and the right positions of the camera. Hence, the user will only be able to scan the targeted area.

Now, if you are planning to optimize your video surveillance by installing PTZ cameras you should not compromise on quality. Speaking of which, Matrix has been a well-known brand in the market when it comes to your video surveillance needs. Matrixโ€™s PTZ cameras match all the national and international standards which makes video surveillance simpler and easier for you. Get in touch with the experts, by writing them down at or you can call them on their toll-free number 1800-258-7747.

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