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IP phones are the talk of today. But the telecommunication industry has come a long way. The telephony system started with trunk calls that included complicated wiring. Connecting a caller with the called party included a complicated process of first connecting to the trunk office through which they would manually place the call to respective recipients. After trunk calls came to the Analog phones that again used immense wiring but still gave better call quality.

With more advancement in technology came the digital phones. These phones improved on the call management features but the desired improvement in call quality was a bit of a far-fetched idea. In the digital phones, user could go as far as enjoying a few call management features such as integrating a phone directory.

The enterprise world also grew side by side of the telecommunication world. Enterprises started spreading far and wide, across the globe. Entrepreneurs did not just limit their business to their local area or their country but across countries. With such a development in the business, communication became an essential part of unrelenting growth of businesses.

IP Phones over Analog Phone

However, Analog and digital phones did not allow smooth communication, as much the entrepreneurs wanted for smooth business transactions. As problems arose new technology was developed, one that would easily solve communication hiccups for the businessmen. This technology, IP telephony, provided much better call quality and easy connectivity with the rest of the world. However, entrepreneurs were and to some extent are still reluctant to make the switch.

To ease their reservations, we give five major reasons why entrepreneurs should choose and switch to IP telephony. But before we move on to the reasons, let us first understand how IP phones work.

An IP phone runs on the internet protocol, which means that all call related features are made available through internet services. The VoIP handset (Voice over Internet Protocol) allows the voice transferring of the caller to the recipient over the internet. Keeping this in mind, let us now go through the five reasons why IP telephony should be chosen over Analog telephony.

One of the major benefits of using IP telephony is that the solution is highly cost-effective. As the system works on the internet, the call costs incurred reduces to a great extent. The international and local calls can be made at minimal rates, allowing companies to reduce greatly on the cost incurred after call services.

All internet services are provided over Ethernet cables which are then connected to a router for providing a wireless network. Since IP phones work on the internet protocol, they do not require extra cabling as is for Analog phones. And being wireless, it also gives an added advantage of mobility to its users.

Improved Call Quality:
Data, over the internet, is passed on in the form of data packets. Similarly, in VoIP telephone handsets, the voice of a caller is converted into voice packets and transmitted over the internet through servers to the called party. This process immensely improves the call quality, giving users the benefits of clarity and smooth communication.

Application Integration:
As these phones work over the internet, several applications can be integrated with them. Entrepreneurs can link many productivity tools such as directory, presence sharing, softphones, instant messaging, etc. with their IP desk phones. This again gives an added advantage of mobility to the users. Furthermore, integrating such tools with a desk phone also allows users to remain in touch with not just the outside world but also their office colleagues over their smartphones anytime, anywhere. Additionally, it simplifies the complications involved in multi-location connectivity through internet connectivity.

Being on an IP platform, future technology upgrades can be easily adapted to the existing system. Hence, upgrading the existing telephony system becomes almost free of cost and easy to use too.

To conclude, these five points give you enough reason to adopt IP phones and discard the age-old Analog telephony for fervent business growth.

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