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The hotel business is a highly lucrative but detail oriented industry. People, when out of their homes, look for comforts and services that give them the feeling of being at home away from home. People especially go with such expectations to a hotel. With the rapid advancements in technology, people also expect advanced treatments and services when they stay at a hotel, more so in terms of comfort and security.

However, for the hotel owners, despite the influx proving only profitable, they need to ensure that their premises are safe against vandalism. To ensure the same, hotels need to have an infallible access control system in place. Although it will provide security to the hotel premises, it will also create a safe and secure environment for the guests residing at the hotel. This adds to the services that the guests of today expect from hotels.

Despite the obvious benefit of increased benefit, some hotel owners may still hesitate when it comes to investing in a highly advanced access control solution. The major reason behind the hesitation would be an additional cost of implementing such a system on top of the already existing security system. Most hotels still go with a guard being physically present in all critical areas while some have cameras to monitor the premises. The cameras no doubt help detect if someone suspicious is entering or immediately gain knowledge of any mishap within the premises. But how about implementing a system that can stop such a suspicious person from entering the premises altogether?



Well, that is the kind of system we are talking about here. Equipped with biometric credentials for defining access within the hotel premises, the access control systems of today are highly efficient at enhancing security. Let us go through the reasons or benefits if you would like to say, why entrepreneurs in the hotel business should opt for advanced access control solutions.

Asset Protection:
One of the major reasons why hotel owners plant security guards within the premises is to protect their assets from being vandalized. A fingerprint access control system or other such biometric access control device restricts the entry of people to only those who are registered in the system. Hence, this ensures that no unauthorized person enters the premises to cause harm.

Restrict Unauthorized Access:
A hotel is a premise that is bound to have many facilities where not all are allowed access. However, with physical security personnel present, it becomes difficult to keep unauthorized individuals from entering such facilities. An automated access control solution allows preventing such individuals from entering certain areas where they are not permitted. It is especially beneficial for the owners in restricting employees and guests, and not just outsiders, from entering certain areas of the hotel that are not permissible for them.

Manage Floor-wise Access:
In a hotel, elevators are an obvious part of the infrastructure. There are floors within the hotel that again are not permissible to all. Access control system with elevator access control can allow hotel owners to restrict entire floors from unauthorized individuals, making it easier to manage the movement of not only guests but employees as well.

Centralized Control:
This is one of the most important features that the access control systems of today offer. Most hotels today are spread on a global scale. Managing influx of people across the branches often becomes difficult. The advanced systems of today allow hoteliers to centrally monitor every branch. They also receive real-time information on each branch along with auto-pushing of events. This makes it a highly intellectual solution for the hotel owners since it fulfills every requirement of the current hospitality industry.

Integration with Attendance System:
Another major benefit that hoteliers can gain from these automated systems is integration with the time attendance systems. Web-based portal of the system allows hoteliers to track attendance, shifts, leaves, etc. of their employees in real-time. They can also ensure satisfactory productivity levels of employees through automated systems.

All in all, an automated access control system is a boon for the hotel business. As repeatedly discussed in our write-up here, it creates a safe and secure environment not only for guests but for the employees as well. Guests, who generally look for that homey, comfort feeling even while they are traveling and staying at hotels is sure to be ensured. And there is nothing more than satisfied guests that a hotel owner yearns for. Hence, implementing an access control solution is definitely in the interest of hoteliers.

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