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  • Industry : Education
  • Location : Surat

Aljamea-tus-Saifiayah, located in Surat, is one of the principal educational institutions of the Dawoodi Bohra community. The main aim of the university is to educate Dawoodi men and women about the principles of Fatemi philosophy. The University houses different departments namely the faculty of Quranic and natural sciences, the faculty of Languages, the faculty of Jurisprudence, the faculty of Philosophy, the faculty of Literature, and the faculty of History.

For the smooth functioning of all the departments, it was necessary that the flow of information is seamless and devoid of any bottlenecks.

After a rigorous study of communication platforms present in the market, the university authorities opted for Matrix communication platforms. This was also because of their previous satisfactory experience with Matrix Telecom solutions.

The recently deployed system was interfaced with the Management features of previously installed Matrix IP-PBX. The peer-to-peer connectivity over VOIP streamlined communication between multiple departments.

One of the main concerns of the university was to establish a robust communication link between all employees. The officials wanted to leverage the robust connectivity of the VOIP network. Since the university was one of the prominent centers teaching principles of Fatemi philosophy, the call traffic was extensive. The faculties were also required to make calls to inform students and parents about lecture timings or give syllabus updates. This congestion of calls utilized calling channels, leading to a higher call-drop ratio.

The operator received a high number of calls from the faculties belonging to different departments. They had to press a series of keys to transfer the call to the desired party. Therefore, they were looking for a solution equipped with one touch transfer facility and offered the convenience of accessing the desk extension from their laptops/PC.

A team of agile engineers at Matrix and Lansar Business Solutions came together and designed a solution with the following components:

Peer-to-Peer Connectivity between PBXs
The university already had Matrix ETERNITY GE6S, ETERNITY GE12S, and ETERNITY ME16S deployed at their facility. The requirement of connecting different departments was satisfied by connecting previously installed PBXs over IP with SARVAM UCS. The peer-to-peer connectivity between PBXs bridged communication gaps between the departments. With IP at the core, the platform supported 99 IP trunks resolving, the issue of the unavailability of an adequate number of calling channels.

Proxy Connectivity between PBX and Gateways
Matrix SETU VFXTH0032 – Fixed VOIP to FXO-FXS Gateway was installed at certain departments to allow the faculty members to contact each other through Analog connectivity. The proxy connectivity between VOIP Gateways and the ETERNITY GENX aligned the communication flow between faculty members of the same department and enabled them to connect with the staff of other departments at absolutely zero communication costs.

VARTA License for Easy Access to Call Management Features
The operator’s need of handling multiple calls from an intuitive screen was solved with the VARTA License. VARTA is a unified user client enabling the user to access desk extension from handheld terminals like Laptops/PC and Android/iOS smartphones and tablets. With the license, the operator was able to use features like Call Forward, Call Mute, Drag and Drop Conference, and Presence Status from their laptop/PC screen, uplifting communication convenience and boosting productivity.

Range of IP Phones for Improved Communication Experience
Since the faculty members had to call each other frequently, communication convenience was important for university authorities. Therefore, they were looking for ergonomic User Terminals that reduced dialing efforts and allowed the professors to reach each other conveniently. Matrix offered its range of feature-loaded IP Phones equipped with features like Call Forward, Call Hold, Call transfer, Call Back, Audio Conference, and Do -not-Disturb to improve communication convenience.

  • Improved Connectivity between Staff Members
    VOIP connectivity between PBXs and Gateways resolved all connectivity issues and enabled the proper utilization of channel resources.
  • Low Call Drop Ratio
    From a single platform of SARVAM UCS, access to different trunks is available. Now, any of the PRI and VOIP channels could be used for calling, resolving the issue of calls being dropped
  • Mobility
    The operator can now transfer, forward, block or arrange an audio conference from his laptop/PC screen. Thus, the time utilized in juggling between desk extension and the laptop screen is saved and productivity is enhanced.
  • Matrix Unified Communication Server: SARVAM UCS
  • Matrix range of VOIP-FXO-FXS Gateways: SETU VFXTH0032
  • Matrix Range of IP Phones: SPARSH VP510E and SPARSH VP210
  • Matrix UC Client: VARTA Softphone
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