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Analytix Business Solutions are a single-source provider of integrated solutions – Finance and Accounting, IT Solutions, Data Management, and Industry-specific financial services across multiple functional areas and disciplines. With their customized solutions, they provide businesses with the ability to scale their operations and improve their performance.

INDUSTRY : Software
Industry :Software
Credential : Fingerprint
Location :Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

Analytix Business Solutions were looking for a solution to secure their doors. Their main reason for this level of security was for their asset protection. They also required a solution that will respond automatically in case of emergencies such as fire.

Analytix Business Solutions were looking for a solution that could help them manage employee movement. Especially with regard to access control, they were searching for a solution that prevented employees from bypassing access for entry/exit. Their requirement included displaying the time of every punch whenever an employee accessed the doors. One of their other requirements was despite such heavy access control the doors should stay open in a sudden emergency such as a fire.

Matrix provided the solution to their challenges using its advanced access control solution. Matrix advised the use of advanced access features โ€“ Anti-Pass Back and Tail-Gaiting. This makes sure that employees checking into the premises must check out through their allowed access route only with their own credentials preventing secondary usage.

By providing door controllers and readers with display screens, Matrix helped them to show time on the screens every time an employee punched. Matrix also helped them integrate their access control solution with the fire alarm system to enable quick escape during a fire.

With Matrix Access Control Solutions, the company was able to secure its premises and assets. Especially with the implementation of the Anti-Passback rule, they ensured that employees pass through the entry point followed by the exit reader before their ID will be accepted a second time at the designated entry point.

A proper display of employees’ punch-in and punch-out time helped in improving the productive time of their employees. The further integration of the entire access control solution with their in-premise fire alarm system enabled them to stay on their toes during any fire emergencies.

    Fingerprint and Card based Door Controller
    Fingerprint and Card based Reader
    Access Control Users License for COSEC CENTRA
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