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INDUSTRY : Manufacturing
CUSTOMER : Bharat Seats

Bharat Seats Pvt. Ltd. is owned in partnership by Suzuki Motor Corporation Japan, Maruti Suzuki India and the Relan Group. The company is an eminent manufacturer of complete seating systems for transport and automotive vehicles. The company holds offices at different locations across India in Manesar, Bahadurgarh and Gurgaon.

To tailor quality seating material and close the sales order; it was necessary for all employees working at head office and branch office to be in sync. Continuous calling on GSM networks to contact the on-field employees increased the company’s telephony costs. It was very difficult to offer wired connectivity to employees at remote locations.

Matrix, along with its esteemed channel partner, offered a solution that sufficed the needs of Bharat Seats Pvt. Ltd. Matrix offered ETERNITY GE12S – IP-PBX for Seamless Mobility and Universal Connectivity at the Bharat Seats’ head office in Gurgaon. Ten IP Phones SPARSH VP248S were also provided for improved desk telephony experience. ETERNITY GE6SAC – IP-PBX for Small and Medium Enterprises was installed at the branch office in Gurgaon. To reduce communication delays in the two branch offices at Manesar, ETERNITY PE6SP and ETERNITY NE416 – The Next Generation PBX for Small Offices was provided. Furthermore, almost 30 employees were connected internally and with the mobile workers using ETERNITY PE6SP at a branch office in Bahadurgarh.

Reduce Telephony Costs by Placing all the Calls through GSM Network
Since the outbound calls were routed through GSM network, communication delays were reduced. Improved connectivity between office employees and mobile workers optimized the business opportunities.

Streamline Internal Communication by Connecting all the Employees over IP
With IP connectivity between all the PBXs, Bharat Seats saved internal communication costs. Flexibly scalable systems loaded with distinct features such as Multi-party Conference, Dial-by-Name, Presence Sharing and Instant Messaging elevated the level of business communications and boosted employees’ productivity.

Scalable Systems to Support Expansion Plans
One of the main reasons for Bharat Seats to choose Matrix Telecom solutions is the scalability and hybrid nature of the system. Currently, Matrix ETERNITY IP-PBX manages calls of 150 employees at the head office. ETERNITY GE12SAC has the capacity of supporting up to a total of 240 users in any combination of GSM/Analog/IP users.

Remote Management of Communication System with Web based GUI
With the Web based Remote Management feature, system can be managed by the IT administrator from any place, through any device.

  • Continuous Internal Communication Boosted Employees’ Productivity
  • Easy Connectivity with the Mobile Workforce Automated Decision Making Process
  • Remote Support with Web based GUI Increased the Reach of IT Department
  • Calls through GSM and IP Network Slashed Down the Communication Costs
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