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Application : Access Control
Industry :Manufacturing
Credential : Fingerprint
Location :Meerut, Uttar Pradesh, India

CONTINENTAL TYRES ranks among the top 5 automotive suppliers worldwide. With their expertise in mobility, transport, and processing, they keep the development as a foreword to bettering the world. Since bringing in the first tread pattern tyre in the world, they strive for automotive safety for the last 140 years.

The major challenge that the factory faced was that without an access control system, the entire asset and materials as a whole were unsecured and easily accessible to all the employees without any restriction. This is especially concerning as securing a shutter and its accompanying door needed to be managed simultaneously. Moreover, with the shutter being imported from Germany, many OEMs were finding it tough to integrate it alongside other access control solutions.

Matrix took up the mantle to solve their troubles once and for all with an all-out solution to manage their security concerns for the door as well as the shutter. This solution involved the installation of COSEC VEGA FAX, for providing authorization to a prescribed set of employees. Furthermore, to maintain proper and consolidated access logs, Matrix helped the management to keep a real-time track at their required endpoint.

With the intervention of Matrix, this factory unit of Continental tires could easily secure its premises as well as assets. This, in combination with, the timely logs of those who accessed gives the management proper control over the rights to entry. This also helps in getting a real-time update on people accessing the area as required by the client.

    Fingerprint and Card based Door Controller with Touchscreen, IP65, Wi-Fi, and 3G/4G Connectivity Option
    Platform License for COSEC CENTRA
    10 Platform Users License for COSEC CENTRA
    10 Access Control Users License for COSEC CENTRA
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