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Application : Time-Attendance, Access Control, Employee Self Service and Cafeteria Management
Users : 2600+
Devices : 57
Readers : Fingerprint (with Optical Sensor)
Industry : Automobile and Sports
Location : 13 (Across Maharashtra)

DSK Group, founded by Mr. D.S. Kulkarni is a business conglomerate headquar tered in Pune, India having its presence in domains including Real Estate, Automobile, Technology, Sports, Information Technology, and Education.The group is a multi-crore business, with a turnover of over INR 4,000 crores. The group has operations in India (Pune, Mumbai, Nashik, Bengaluru and Chennai) and the US. DSK Toyota is the largest distributor of Toyota Cars in India. DSK Motowheels was established in 2012, which forayed into the automobile sector by entering the niche segment of powerful bikes of two brands – Hyosung (Korean) and Benelli (Italian). DSK Shivajians Football Club was founded in 1987 and is based in Pune, India. DSK Group tied up with Liverpool F.C. to set up full-time coaching in Pune. The Group owns DSK Shivajians F.C. based in Pune.

DSK Group’s multi-located business units – DSK Toyota, DSK Motowheels and DSK Shivajians Football Club were facing issues of employee irregularities and absenteeism. Fur thermore, few locations of DSK Toyota and DSK Motowheels required cafeteria process management and restricting unauthorized access.

Moreover, lack of accurate attendance data led to delay in salary payments for locations of DSK Motowheels. Leave application processes and manual attendance corrections were time-consuming and thus resulted in errors.

Food wastage was one of the primary challenges at DSK. Moreover, cashless cafeteria transactions were needed at nine locations of the DSK group.

Matrix offered web based Time-Attendance, Access Control, Cafeteria Management and Employee Self Service solutions for 13 locations with biometric

fingerprint and EM Proximity RFID card based terminals. Matrix COSEC Time-Attendance provides accurate centralized attendance data of employees across 13

locations, leading to quick salary payments. It also facilitates generation of Time-Attendance reports and charts for effective payroll calculations. At several units

of DSK Motowheels including its Manufacturing site, Matrix COSEC Time-Attendance solution has provided seamless integration with HR Mantra Payroll Software and has facilitated timely and accurate salary processing.

Employees at DSK Toyota and DSK Shivajians F.C. business sites can now apply for leave and attendance corrections using the COSEC Mobile Application for

Time-Attendance โ€“ COSEC APTA. This mobile application is a part of the COSEC Employee Self Service module. The application has made it easy for employees

to view their attendance, leave and shift details. Matrix offered the COSEC Cafeteria Management solution module for employees at nine business units to

streamline the cafeteria processes centrally and automating the transactions to cashless. Matrix’s biometric door controllers at the entry of business units have helped secure the premises by restricting unauthorized access of employees.

DSK Shivajians Football Club

DSK Motowheels


Day To Day fulfilled its requirement with Matrix People Mobility Management Solution and achieved the following results:

  • Managed Employees through Centralized Monitoring from a Single Location
  • Reduced Complexity of Shifts by Time-Attendance Solution
  • Eliminated Overtime Issues with Matrix Time-Attendance Solution
  • Lessened burden for HR with Various Precise Reports
    Fingerprint and Card based Door Controller for Time-Attendance
    Application Server Platform with 500 or more Users and Expandable up to 1,000 Users
    Time-Attendance Module for 500 or more Users
    User license for 100 users
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