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Industry: Manufacturing
Location: Goa, India 
Application: Third-party IP Cameras Integration with Matrix Enterprise VMS

A prominent pharmaceutical company, founded in 1935, is a leading player in manufacturing and distributing high-quality medicines that effectively combat respiratory and cardiovascular diseases, as well as ailments like arthritis, diabetes, and depression.

With a strong focus on customer satisfaction, the company actively engages in corporate social responsibility initiatives. It collaborates with healthcare professionals and organizations throughout the world to raise awareness, improve education, and enhance access to essential medications.

The company’s unwavering commitment to excellence, accessibility, and social responsibility continues to have a significant impact on the healthcare landscape, positively transforming lives and contributing to a healthier future for all.

For the past eight years, the company had been using a video surveillance system from a competitor. However, they encountered numerous technical challenges that resulted in prolonged downtimes and reduced overall system reliability. When they sought support from the designated company, their concerns were neither addressed promptly nor effectively. This left them vulnerable to potential risks compromising their overall security.

In addition, the maintenance and storage costs associated with their existing system were excessively high. This strained their budget and hindered their ability to allocate resources to other critical areas of their operations.

Another notable challenge was the distributed nature of their premises, due to which proper centralized monitoring of all the areas was not possible.

Furthermore, the company faced limitations with their outdated video surveillance system, which hindered their ability to take advantage of advancements in image quality, video analytics, and storage efficiency provided by modern solutions. This technological gap prevented them from fully harnessing the potential of video surveillance technology and extracting valuable insights from their surveillance data

Matrix experts successfully met the company’s requirements by supplying them with SATATYA SAMAS PLT: Enterprise VMS. To complement the software, five SATATYA SAMAS CAM100 licenses were also provided, allowing for seamless integration and control of these cameras. This comprehensive software solution enabled the company to centrally manage and monitor up to 500 cameras deployed throughout their premises.

In addition, the organization opted for two SATATYA SAMAS USER3 licenses, which granted simultaneous access to the Enterprise VMS for six users. This enabled the organization’s personnel to efficiently view live video feeds, review recorded footage, manage camera settings, and perform other critical tasks from a centralized location. The ability to monitor multiple locations within their premises was made possible through this centralized monitoring system.

To further enhance their video surveillance capabilities, 24 IP cameras and one Network Video Recorder (NVR) were also provided for a specific location in the center. This additional equipment ensured comprehensive coverage and reliable recording capabilities for that particular area, contributing to the organization’s overall security infrastructure.

Moreover, with the Matrix SATATYA SAMAS PLT Enterprise VMS, users are entitled to receive free software upgrades for a duration of one year. These upgrades have been thoroughly tested and validated to ensure their quality and compatibility with the system. The company can enjoy the benefits of these upgrades without any additional charges during the specified time frame, thus providing them with a reliable and up-to-date video management solution.

Matrix’s Video Surveillance Solution delivered a range of benefits that catered to the company’s specific needs.

Matrix SATATYA SAMAS – Enterprise VMS easily integrated with the third-party cameras previously installed within the premises. It enabled centralized monitoring and management of all locations within the premises. This critical feature allowed the firm to oversee and control its security operations from a single, unified platform. By consolidating surveillance activities, the firm achieved improved efficiency, streamlined workflows, and a higher level of security across its entire infrastructure.

With Matrix’s Enterprise VMS, the firm gained seamless access to live views, playback options, and comprehensive monitoring features. The solution offered advanced functionalities such as E-Map monitoring, enabling users to effortlessly view camera footage from specific locations. This feature proved to be invaluable in enhancing situational awareness and streamlining surveillance operations.

Real-time notifications including Video Pop-up, SMS, Email, and Alarms, played a pivotal role in transforming the firm’s security infrastructure. These notifications provided immediate alerts and updates, ensuring that any potential threats or incidents were promptly addressed.

Furthermore, the installation of Matrix’s Enterprise VMS brought peace of mind to the firm’s personnel by eliminating technical glitches and system instability. Matrix’s commitment to delivering exceptional support and assistance also alleviated any concerns, as the firm was assured of instant technical support whenever required.

SATATYA SAMAS PLT Enterprise Video Management Software
SATATYA SAMAS CAM100 License for accessing 100 Cameras (5 Nos.)
SATATYA SAMAS USER3 License for 3 Concurrent Users (2 Nos.)
SATATYA MIDR20FL28CWS 2MP Professional Series Dome IP Camera with Fixed Lens (24 Nos.)
SATATYA NVR1601X 16 Channel NVR with 1 SATA Port (1 No.)
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