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INDUSTRY : Pharmaceuticals
CUSTOMER : Glenmark Pharmaceuticals Ltd.
LOCATION : Headquarter Mumbai, India and 20+ remote offices

A research driven pharmaceutical giant โ€“ Glenmark with presence over 80 countries with global operations, required to seamlessly connect all locations without changing existing communication setup.

Their major challenge was to connect 20+ locations without the hassle of multi-vendor devices.

  • Establish Communication between 20+ Global Locations
  • Right Technology Mix to Meet Current and Future Needs
  • Hassle of Integration with Multi-Vendor Devices
  • Use of existing Telecom & IT Infrastructure

The existing client setup included a phone system unable to support organizationโ€™s expansion plans and increasing number of user base. On analyzing the complete scenario, the client was skeptical about the solution that can deliver IP enabled services and integration into running communication infrastructure with minimum changes.

  • IP enabled Phone Systems at Multiple Locations
  • Multi-Site Connectivity over IP Networking
  • PRI trunking for Outbound Calls
  • Advance Call Management with Class of Services
  • Uniform Dial Plan for Inter-site Calling

The solution offered by Matrix included number of IP Phone Systems with small to large user capacity at headquarters and remote offices interconnected over SIP networking. Matrix systems were easily deployed in the existing MPLS network over QSIG at the customer location. The MPLS infrastructure had a huge data transmission capacity which was underutilized; Matrix IP Phone Systems reused the capacity for voice communication.

Along with analog and digital phones, Matrix Phone Systems extended ISDN PRI connectivity for regional calling to suffice the need of existing users.

Matrix IP-PBX was configured to restrict numbers prefixed with International location codes over PRI line to avoid long distance communication overheads. Understanding the need to unify the users across locations, closed user group (CUG) feature configured in Matrix systems at each location allowed employees to reach any co-worker just by dialing 4-digit short codes.

Matrix with its future ready IP Phone Systems provided flexibility to customers without compromising on the dialing habits and already established telecom infrastructure.

  • Easy Integration into Multi-Vendor Environment
  • Unification of Dispersed Users across the Locations
  • Access to New Generation IP Telephony
  • Reduced Telephony Costs
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