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INDUSTRY : Hospitality
CUSTOMER : Business Hotel
LOCATION : Bengaluru, India

A Bengaluru based luxury hotel has contemporary architecture with elegantly designed furniture and amenities. The serene atmosphere of the hotel makes it an ideal destination for both business and leisure travellers.

Because of the world-class services and location in one of the business capitals of India, the hotel receives great number of guests. Offering superior services to every guest, efficient management of calls asking for service or reservation and robust communication link between the internal staff, forced the hotelier to look for a dependable communication solution.

To ensure 24X7 connectivity and avoid communication delays, the hotel owner did a thorough study of the communication solutions available in the market. After rigorous study of different products, the hotelier entrusted Matrix Hospitality solutions, because of its state-of-the-art architecture and commendable sales support. Deployment of Matrix Hospitality solution has streamlined the internal communication in the hotel. Since the platform is based on IP technology, the solution catered to the hotelier’s need of offering technically advanced solution to the guests.

Bengaluru based luxury hotel wanted a solution that offers easy connectivity to the hotel staff, regardless of their location. As the hotel wanted to entice tech savvy customers, they were looking for a solution that is based on the latest technology and allows them to switch as per the current trend.

The issue bothering the hotelier was management of guest services from a single interface. They wanted a communication solution, which could be integrated with the leading PMS (Property Management Software). Another requirement was to have continuous communication between the staff members, inside or outside the hotel premises.

Matrix, working with its esteemed partner Samartha Systems, tailored a solution with ETERNITY ME16SAC as the main component.

ETERNITY ME16SAC- IP based Communication Platform
Specialized hotel Analog extensions were already present in all the guest rooms of the hotel. The hotelier wanted a robust internal connection between the rooms. They also wanted to improve connectivity between the rooms and other service departments. Matrix ETERNITY ME16S was offered to cater to these distinct requirements of the hotelier. ETERNITY ME16S offered connectivity for 200 Analog extensions and established a robust link between the rooms, reception, house-keeping and the room service department. Hybrid architecture and IP based platform supported the hotelier’s future expansion plans and remain abreast with the evolving technology.

One PRI Card for Appropriate Number of Channels
The next issue was proper management of heavy call traffic. Simultaneous calls resulted in increased call drop ratio and telephony costs. For effective management of high number of calls, PRI card was inserted that offered adequate number of channels. Appropriate number of calling channels allowed guests to connect with the concerned department. Furthermore, increased number of channels allowed the receptionist to manage heavy call traffic.

Interoperability with Leading PMS
For proper management of all the guest activities from a single screen, the hotelier wanted to integrate PMS with the installed communication system. With PMS license, PMS was integrated with the PBX over IP, without any middleware. Hoteliers managed routine hotel activities such as:

  • Guest Check-in/Check-out
  • Set/Cancel Wake-up Calls
  • Generate Bills and Print Reports
  • Block/Allow Room-to-room Dialing
  • Room Occupancy Status
  • Room Clean Status
  • Call Budgeting
  • Distinctive Ringing
  • Call Privilege
  • Voicemail

Since, Matrix Hospitality solutions are tailored after considering the unique requirements of the hoteliers, the luxury hotel leveraged a bunch of benefits, like:

Improved Connectivity between Staff Members
With communication routed over a single platform, hotel staff can now connect with each other from any location and at any time. Presence sharing feature allows the staff to check the availability of fellow employees and distribute work accordingly, leading to answering of guest service request on time. Robust communication link between the hotel staff boosts team efficiency.

Enhanced Guest Experience
Improved connectivity between the staff members resulted in proper distribution of work and addressing of guest service on time. Furthermore, management of daily hotel activities from the same interface resulted in answering guest queries in less time, improving the hotel’s image.

Proper Handling of Call Traffic
With PRI trunk ports offering adequate number of channels, no calls are dropped now. Front desk executives are able to attend all the calls in time, enhancing guest experience.

Reduced Telephony Costs
With support for PRI trunk and CAS (Call Accounting Software) integrated with ETERNITY ME16S, the hotelier boosted internal connectivity at reduced costs. Using CAS, the hotelier pre-defines call budget for the guests, according to the type of the reserved room and saves on call costs. Furthermore, using the Call Privilege feature, the hotelier restricts/allows guests to make long distance calls.

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