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Application : Time-Attendance
Users : 1000+
Devices : 45
Readers : Fingerprint (with Optical Sensor)
Industry : Pharmaceuticals, Manufacturing
Location : Ahmedabad, India

INTAS is a leading, vertically integrated global pharmaceutical formulation development, manufacturing and marketing company headquartered in India. INTAS is currently ranked 10th in the Indian Pharma Market with 2.80% market share. In the domestic market, INTAS is the 4th largest corporate in Indian Chronic Pharma Market with a market share of 5.32%. Besides rapidly growing domestic prominence, INTAS is also present in more than 70 countries worldwide with robust sales, marketing and distribution infrastructure in markets like North America, Europe, Central and Latin America, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Asia-Pacific as well as CIS and MENA countries.

As per the guidelines provided by US-FDA, the employees were required to take certain man-hours of training as per their designation. INTAS found it difficult to have a manual check over 1000+ employees and count their training hours. They were in search of an automated solution which tracks training of every employee. INTAS also wanted to integrate Matrix Time-Attendance software with their Training Module so that records of each employee are stored in one roof. In short, they wanted to switch from manual, cumbersome process to an easy on-click process.

Matrix offered its Biometric Time-Attendance solution to automate the training of INTAS employees. The trainer comes to class with Matrix COSEC PATH BBU โ€“ a handheld biometric device. Employee makes a punch on the Biometric device at the start and end. These events get stored in Matrix COSEC PATH BBU. As soon as the device is connected to server, all the stored events get auto pushed to server. Matrix Time-Attendance software takes these events as input and gives output in the form of training man-hours of individual employees. The software seamlessly gets integrated with their training module. Thus, with Matrix Time-Attendance solution INTAS was able to automate its training cell process in an easy way, while maintaining all the records digitally.

  • The whole training cell process was automated, as a result of which everything is now maintained in a single software.
  • It saved employee time and increased productivity as no manual calculation of training hours for 1000+ employees was required.
    Fingerprint and in-built Card based Door Controller with PoE and IP65
    Power Supply Battery Backup for PATH Series Door Controllers
    Application Server Platform with 1,000 Users and Expandable up to One Million
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