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KRIA Healthcare is a progressive healthcare company specializing in innovative quality patient care, integrating physical, mental and social well-being. The focus on a broader spectrum of health including primary medical care, mental & behavioral health, and social health services offers a well-rounded approach for happier, healthier patients.

  • MIDR20FL36CWP series IP Cameras with 128 GB memory card (170 Nos.)
  • Recording of the activities inside the ambulance and storing it for 8-10 days
  • Communication between doctors with ambulance personnel
  • Costly security solutions
  • Transferring recordings to the main location

KRIA is currently offering its services to maintain and operate ambulances on NH-65 and a call centre to assist the Concessionaires (viz; GMR/GIC/NHAI) in attending to the Accident victims on the NH 65 stretch. It needed IP security Cameras for its ambulances to provide recordings of the patients and the treatment provided to them in that duration to the central location. They also required the cameras to be audio enabled in order to directly communicate in the ambulance while assessing health for future requirements. All in all, they required a solution that could provide them with the best security keeping in mind their budget.

To the above challenges, Matrix offered a variety of solutions. It provided them latest IP Cameras with exceptional cost saving features. Around 170 Cameras in total were installed in ambulances to monitor the treatment. Matrix IP Cameras with in-built storage of 128 GB eliminated the need of an NVR or Server. These cameras are capable of saving recordings of up to 10 days. These recordings can then be downloaded and can be sent to the central location for monitoring.

  • No extra cost of buying NVRs
  • Video evidence of activities in the ambulance
  • Cost saving features with H.265 compression
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