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NSE IT Limited is a global technology enterprise, it focuses on delivering excellence in complex digital environment primarily in banking, insurance, capital market ecosystem and online examination. The firm has three distinct business units – Digital Transformation, Digital Examinations and Cyber Security and are powered by a workforce of 1500+ professionals that are certified technology and business domain experts. With 20+ years of experience, the firm is renowned for its expertise across large scale complex digital implementations. Apart from providing seamless next-generation solutions to industries, the firm is running India’s largest network of 229 Test centres across 227 countries of India. The firm has worked with more than 150 customers across India, the US and the Middle East.

NSE IT was in requirement of a video surveillance solution that could manage their 450 IP cameras centrally. Also, they wanted a solution that could help them control all the devices through a single system and not multiple systems to control multiple devices. Next, a major challenge for them was the search for a system that could provide them with zero downtime. Further, they wanted a system where multiple users could simultaneously log in to the system and monitor the premises without the other one getting logged out.

Matrix delivered its proactive security solution SATATYA SAMAS – developed on cutting-edge technologies that can monitor up to 65,535 cameras and can connect up to 1000 users in the system. The solution provided NSE with centralized control over all their surveillance devices. Also, it eliminated a major challenge of zero downtime. SATATYA SAMAS offers redundancy by switching to a redundancy server or failover server where if the server or network fails, the redundant server will start recording the video footage automatically. The selected IP devices will be shifted to the redundant server in less than 60 seconds. Again, SAMAS provided them with the benefit of concurrent user login. With an additional user license, the client could add multiple users who could simultaneously log into the system and monitor the premises.

  • Centralized Control and Monitoring of all IP cameras
  • Continuous monitoring without any server failure
  • Increase in transparency and productivity
  • Storage optimization
    Video Surveillance Software for Large Enterprises
    Additional Camera License for 50 Cameras
    Additional User License for Smart Client/ Mobile Application
    Video Surveillance Software Annual Upgradation
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