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Applications : Time-Attendance and Access Control
Industry : Construction
Users : 10,100
Devices : 587+ Access Control and Time-Attendance Devices, that include
Location : 155 Across India, Srilanka, Qatar and KSA

Sterling and Wilson, established since 1927, is currently having its corporate office in Mumbai, India. It is one of the leading turnkey MEP (Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing) Services Company with 60% of its business coming from electro-mechanical projects. Just as the company has been instrumental in pioneering MEP services in India, it has also executed several prestigious MEP projects internationally. Sterling and Wilson is expanding with approximately 10,000 employees located at various regional and branch offices and project sites.

It was a herculean task for corporate HR to process staff salary and overtime from manually recorded attendance collected from all project sites. Managing attendance of 10,000 employees distributed among regional/ branch offices and remote sites from a central location was a tedious task. Replacement of existing manual attendance mechanism with automatic attendance marking functionality was the major requirement. Additionally, they wanted wireless connectivity solution for managing remote project sites for error-free tracking and management of employee attendance.

Matrix comprehensive solution offered centralized Time-Attendance solution to Sterling and Wilson connected all project sites with regional and branch offices and these offices to corporate head ofce. Matrix offered solution provides wireless connectivity option to server through 3G Internet Dongle to prevent loss of data from remote locations. This ensures efficient data management in case of emergency like, internet connectivity failure during which all the events are stored in the device. Hence, the events can be restored easily as soon as it recovers its connection back to the server. Solution from Matrix offered an integrations with third party resource planning software-SAP to the client.

  • Buddy punching or fraudulent time-keeping is eliminated.
  • Capturing biometric attendance of all employees has smoothened HR’s task.
  • Corporate HR can get real-time attendance of all employees at a central location.
  • Accurate in/out time of each employee is acquired.
  • Monthly salary and overtime are paid only when fingerprint based in/out time for each
  • working day of every employee is obtained.
  • Any delay in projects due to employee attendance gets easily identified.
    Access Control Software Module
    Time-Attendance Software Module
    One Site Controller for Every Building or Location up to 255 Doors
    Standard Optical Fingerprint and RFID Card based Door Controller
    Standard Optical Fingerprint and RFID Card based Door Controller
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