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Application : Biometric Time-Attendance Device Integration with Vidyawaan Server
Users :5,00,000+
Location : Andhra Pradesh
Devices :2,000+
Colleges : 75+
Credentials :Fingerprint (with Optical STQC Sensor)
Industry : Education

As per the guidelines provided by the Andhra Pradesh Government every institute of Andhra Pradesh must have biometric time-attendance devices for attendance marking. Moreover, these devices should be integrated with the Vidyawaan Server deployed by the State Government. Under this rule, more than 200 institutes and 5,00,000 students are to be registered with the Vidyawaan Server.

As a part of the new rule by the Andhra Pradesh Government, all the institutes of Andhra Pradesh must have biometric time attendance devices with STQC sensor for attendance marking. Furthermore, it should also communicate with the State Government server ‘Vidyawaan’ for marking time-attendance of students. The main challenge was to enroll students in to the Vidyawaan Server with their unique AADHAAR Card number. The prime requirement for this project was to authenticate each student’s credential with the Vidyawaan Server and mark their presence/absence accordingly. They also wanted a solution, which does not require Aadhaar card ID every time for attendance marking.

After having a word with the institute heads, Matrix offered a comprehensive solution, which served all the requirements for 75 Institutes of Andhra Pradesh. Matrix offered biometric fingerprint devices, which can be easily integrated with the Vidyawaan Server. Matrix provided high end fingerprint and card based devices (COSEC DOOR FOPQ and COSEC DOOR FOTQ) to communicate with the Vidyawaan Server

For marking the attendance, first students must show their Mifare smart card. This will activate the fingerprint sensor and prompt students to place finger on sensor. It will capture the fingerprint and send it to the Vidyawaan Server for authentication. If the student is registered on the server only then it will validate it and pass the request to the NIC Delhi Server. Now, the NIC Delhi Server will authenticate the request coming from Vidyawaan to CIDR (Central Identities Data Repository). CIDR is a central server, which owns and manages the Personal Identity Data (PID) of all AADHAAR Card holders. After authentication, CIDR will response YES/NO to NIC Delhi Server and will pass to the Vidyawaan Server. Attendance of the students will be marked present after CIDR authentication.

  • Accurate Attendance Marking of Students through Integration with Vidyawaan Server
  • Eliminated Fraudulent Time Keeping
  • COSEC DOOR FOPQ – Optical Fingerprint and Card Based Time-Attendance Terminal
  • COSEC DOOR FOTQ – Optical Fingerprint and Card Based Time-Attendance Terminal
  • COSEC CPM MIFARE SMART – Card Personality Module
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