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advanced access control system

Founded in 1971, DZ card is a leading international card manufacturing company operating from seven carefully chosen locations across the world. DZ cards have conducted their business right from printing computer forms to the printing of plastic cards like VISA, Master Cards, ISO Certified Cards, etc.

With 46 years of experience in business and more than 1,000 employees, the security of such an organization becomes very important.

DZ cards in Delhi implemented Access Control system for security concerns which, however, was unable to provide satisfying and tight security which the company demanded. The company needed limited Access Control functionalities to ensure full-proof security and access to only authorized users. To fulfill these requirements and eliminate high replacement costs, the company was looking for a vendor that could provide them with a more reliable solution.

The company was looking for an Access Control solution with advanced features for around 300 users along with a solution to control visitors as well.

Looking at all the requirements, Matrix proposed them with a range of COSEC solutions that could cater to their security challenges and manage their visitors. Some of the important aspects that attracted the customer to Matrix’s product range were the hardware’s aesthetics and software features applicable to multiple locations.

Matrix provided them with the following solutions based on their specific requirements:

Requirement 1:

Restricting Unauthorized Access

Solution 1:

As the company prints and manufactures highly confidential documents for their clients; the requirement was to allow only specific, designated employees to access particular areas and restrict the entry of other visitors. Hence, Matrix offered its Access Control solution through which access was only allowed after verified biometric credential authentication.Access Control SolutionRequirement 2:
High levels of Authentication to Ensure Authorized User Entry

Solution 2:
In manufacturing units, there are a few areas that require high-end security as the area is dealt with highly confidential data. Hence, Matrix provided 2-Person Rule authentication. This Access Control feature enables access only when two authorized users use access rights within a specified time. This provides a high level of security and ensures that only authorized users enter as well as keeps a record of their entry for future reference.


Requirement 3:

Employees working under a department should be able to enter the room only after the department manager authenticates.

Solution 3:

The manufacturing unit will have a large group of workers within the organization. Hence, keeping the requirement in mind Matrix provided First-In User. It is an Access Control feature in which labors working for the organization will not be able to access the room without prior authentication from their team leader.

Requirement 4 :
Prevent Proxy Punching

Solution 4:
Matrix suggested the Anti-Pass Back feature, which was incorporated to prevent proxy punching. The feature prevents a cardholder from passing his card to a second person to gain entry in a controlled area. The second entry from the same card is allowed only after an exit is registered for every entry. This goes for biometrics, too. The system will take second punch only after exit punch with respect to the first punch gets noted.

Along with all these features Matrix also suggested an additional feature called the Man Trap feature.

As DZ Cards deal with the manufacturing of highly confidential data, we found the man trap as one of the access control features most helpful. As the company is printing and manufacturing visa, credit, smart cards they required a system which opens the second door only after the first door closes. This man trap feature helped DZ cards secure the overall area of the organization. Suppose, there are three doors in a row – say Door A, Door B, Door C. Person 1 accesses door A and then he wishes to access door B. In this scenario, door B opens, only when door A closes completely. With this feature, DZ Cards restricted the flow of human traffic and increased productivity while securing the organization.

Furthermore, Matrix also suggested some integration with third-party products that would enhance the security of their premises. Each door controller placed in DZ Cards is integrated with fire alarms. This ensures that whenever there is a fire, the alarm will start buzzing. Along with this, the door controller will open all the doors automatically during that span of time. This feature values time and saves the life of people.

DZ Cards also had a requirement to control their visitors and keep track. Matrix offered a Visitor Management solution where passes are created for each visitor entering and leaving the organization. The visitor needs to surrender the pass when they are leaving the organization. With this solution, DZ Cards are able to maintain visitor database and fetch reports on visitor flow. Further, the company can get live status of how many visitors are inside the premises, pre-registered visitors, and can even know about visitors who are being blocked through Matrix Visitor Management utility. The solution also provides integration of our visitor management with printer and webcam to create visitor pass and capture visitor photos, respectively. All information of a visitor such as the purpose of visit, host employee’s name, time, duration of the meeting, identity proofs, etc. gets stored in the Visitor Management software.

Matrix additionally offers the VIP Access feature through which a user with VIP rights has access to each and every zone, regardless of other access control features. Such access rights are given to top-level management of the organization and DZ Cards has enabled this particular feature for their senior staff.

Benefits of Matrix Solution:

  • Enhanced Security for Each Zone while Reducing Manual Check
  • Saves Verification Time through Auto-push Technology
  • Easy Tracking of Visitor Movement
  • Centralized Monitoring and Control

All in all, Matrix catered to all the needs of DZ Cards by providing them with an entire security solution.

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