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Every organization has different attendance policies in execution. The policies can be defined user wise, late in, early out, over-time, C-Off, absenteeism policies, and leave policies. When operating on a global scale, an organization has various attendance policies for every location. Accommodating policies of each location and managing attendance of every employee on a central level becomes a herculean task for HR/admin. With the COSEC Time-Attendance solution in implementation, organizations can overcome this issue quite easily. The solution is configured to manage multiple attendance policies. It automates attendance management without requiring any kind of manual intervention.

Late-In/Early-Out Policy
HR can create and assign these policies to each employee separately or a group of employees. The Time-Attendance solution keeps track of late-in entries and early-out entries of employees based on their shift timings and appropriate actions are taken based on it.

Overtime Policy and Authorization
HR, with the help of COSEC Time-Attendance solution, can calculate overtime on a daily, weekly or a monthly basis. Furthermore, reporting officers can either authorize or reject overtime of employees.

Absenteeism Policy
Through this solution, HR can define weekly off or holiday policies along with defining the number of days after which an absent user would be blocked.

Shifts and Schedules
The Time-Attendance solution allows HR to create multiple shifts and shift schedules along with defining break time, grace time, off-day, repeat days, etc.

  • Resolves Date Rollover Issues
    Facilitates easy attendance management by resolving over-time & date rollover issues related with night shifts.
  • Auto Shift Correction
    Assigns a shift to employees automatically, based on his/her punch details if punched during a different shift.
  • Manage Continuous Shifts’ Attendance
    Manages attendance of employees working for two simultaneous shifts effectively, by considering the time spent over and above their regular shift timings as overtime.

Easy Attendance Correction
Employees can directly apply for attendance corrections through the Employee Self Service portal and get approval or rejection for the same. With manual work completely eliminated, organizations can have accurate and error free attendance data.

Leave Policies
Under leave policies, HR can define the different leave types, accumulation rules, balance rules and auto leave credit. Employees and reporting officers can track leave application, approval and balance, all on the Employee Self Service portal.

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