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Video Management System

In the contemporary world, businesses are not just setting their footprints physically, but also on digital platforms too. In this technology driven time, people want things on their fingertips than in hard copies. Gone are the days when businesses used to employ a bunch of security personnel to monitor their premises.

These days it is tough to find a team of people sitting inside a cabin with screens monitoring the business premises. Now, everything is taken care of by video surveillance where one can find the solution on their fingertips. The key to this advancement has been highly credited towards cameras with advanced video analytics. That said, businesses have taken the security even a step ahead, by implementing video management solutions into their systems that give them the value for their investment in security. Finally, all these things are something that does not burn a hole in the pocket of the organization.

Here are three ways, one needs to know how Video Management Systems (VMS) is bringing your business to your fingertips.


One of the most obvious perks of deploying a video management system has to be Remote Monitoring. Apart from physical monitoring, new technology aims to provide businesses with real-time security through remote monitoring.
To simplify, the remote monitoring process is a means through which authorized people can monitor particular premises from anywhere, in the world. With the video management system, the designated person can get real-time notifications on their devices through mobile applications. One has to login into the system and one can stream the video footage through mobile devices. Here, the video management system helps the security personnel to get daily highlights in real-time. Besides this, it assists them in enhancing visibility in a particular area of office premises. Also, if the firm has got multiple sites where in the video cameras are deployed the designated person can monitor them through mobile devices on particular mobile applications.


Earlier, it took time for the traditional video management systems to respond to security threats and other mishaps. With those systems, security personnel tend to respond to an event much after the damage. Well, not in the case of present video management solutions which have in-built video analytics. To elaborate, when a suspicious event occurs the system automatically identifies it and sends alerts to the required person. Video analytics such as intrusion detection, motion detection and other analytics give the security personnel added advantage in such situations. As a result, the casualties are avoided and full-proof security is maintained. Also, these video management
systems provide high data redundancy which ensures that video surveillance can be used as evidence later.


Traditional systems were rigid when it came to the integration with other software. On the other hand, the present video management systems can be integrated with other systems using API (Application Programming Interface) which makes them better. Modern video management solutions can be integrated with ATM’s, Point of Sale(POS), access control, etc. Also, it can be integrated with the building management system such as fire alarms, burglar alarms, etc. This makes it easier for a person to monitor and control everything from one place.
Besides this, if the firm wants to take their security to a next level, they can integrate their video surveillance system with the access control solution that basically involves integration with the door controllers on a database level. Hence, the authorized person can get information about every punch that is made by an employee. Lastly, the video surveillance system can be integrated with fire panels, point of sale (POS), parking management system and more!

So, where would you find such a system which eliminates your worries when it comes to security?
Matrix Video Management System, SATATYA SAMAS is your one-stop solution for your security issues. The software can be configured according to your security needs thereby removing all the challenges faced by your business. Also, one can monitor the recording devices remotely from any part of the world. Apart from this, it is equipped with advanced analytics.
For further information about video management systems, you can contact our expert team from here.

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