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Wouldn’t it be great to control all doors of your premises just by push of a button? Integrating door access with Fire Alarms, IP Surveillance system and other such systems can make that possible. In case of fire or emergency, all the doors can be granted access. Not only this but it can also control the floors a person can access an elevator and can be used for various other reasons such as visitor management, field worker management, contract worker management etc. to control security.

Door access control systems include features such as:

  • Integration with IP Video Surveillance Systems
  • Visitor Management
  • Anti-Pass Back Feature
  • Elevator Control

 Integration with IP video surveillance systems:

With the requirement of full proof security, integration of various security devices is a must. It is highly essential that you integrate access control device with IP Surveillance to obtain optimal security. You can mount an IP camera near the door for capturing images as well as videos if required. One or more cameras can be integrated with the access control device to get better visibility of an event or a situation. Recordings or taking snapshots can be triggered by readers when an unusual activity at the door occurs. This can include continuous door open situation, an attempt to open door with incorrect credentials. In such cases, the video can be captured and sent as a notification to security personals. This provides real-time surveillance capability that enables you to take corrective actions immediately.

The new biometric readers include capability of automatically notifying the security person if a door is being opened under duress. The alert is triggered by using a different finger/pin on the door reader. It allows the security person to see who is near the door, and react to the alarm.

Visitor Management:

The Biometric machine for attendance can also be used as a visitor management system. It requires you to enter information about the visitor such as name, address, organization, contact, purpose of visit, escort user, vehicle details. It can also include other details such as capture or upload photo of visitor, scan visitor’s documents and capture signature, etc. After this the software can print an entry pass, or issue a credential for a higher level of control. It automatically adds the date and time of entry.

The system allows you to set the specific floors as well as doors the person can enter, and the validity of his pass.

Pre-requisites for Visitor enrolment:

  • Visitor Card and Finger Enrollment
  • Define Time of the Visitor Access
  • Allow Access to Limited Areas only
  • Improve Security of the Organization


It also sends notification such as SMS or an email on pre-registration of visitors and can also notify the host when the visitor checks-in to the premises.

 Anti-Pass Back feature:

The new Biometric Time Attendance System prevents people from misusing the access control systems. It prevents people from sharing their credentials with strangers who can be a threat to your company. Anti-Pass Back feature controls how a credential can be used. It is used to ensure that no other person can enter with the same credential. Not only at one door but it can also prevent a credential from being used at any other door in the premises.

 Elevator Control:

Elevator based Access Control allows access and entry in the elevator using biometric or RFID card credential, only to authorized personnel, at the allotted time and assigned floors.


The solution is highly useful under below-mentioned circumstances:


  1. Restrict the Customer to their Specific Floor
    E.g.: In Hotels, to assign and control the customers to their respective floor for a pre-defined number of days.
  2. Multi-floor Buildings where Different Floors are Leased to different Corporates
    E.g.: Corporate Offices with multiple floors and having the requirement of controlled access to each floor, as it has a high flow of visitors.
  3. Limit Access on Sensitive Floors
    E.g.: In Manufacturing Units, to limit access only to authorized group by proper authentication to sensitive zones.


Once a user profile is created, his credential enrolment, floor and group allocation for pre-defined time is configured.


User must show enrolled credential at the biometric device located:

  • Outside Elevator: To gain access to elevator, a door controller is installed outside the elevator. The door controller is connected to the elevator call button, which gets enabled, whenever an authorized user shows his enrolled credential.
  •  Inside Elevator: To enable and access the floors that are assigned to the user, a door controller is installed inside the elevator. Some floors like Cafeteria, Reception Area or Customer Lounge are kept accessible for visitors/customers.



The access control systems are quite efficient for providing security including powerful management software that helps an industry grow. They increase security by assuring the right people in right place at right time, and assure safety in fires or other emergency situations. They make it easy to integrate with video surveillance systems, and can control elevator access as well.

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