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IP Camera

Not that long ago, having security cameras installed in your premises as a security measure was seen as a drastic, luxury endeavor to take on. But now, with the ease of availability and affordability of technology, actually NOT having security cameras for your business seems like an odd decision to make as a business owner. Advances in technology have boosted major advancements (along with a reduction in costs) in IP Camera quality, recording capability, intellectual abilities and affordability.

IP Security Cameras come in a wide variety so you can be rest assured that there is a camera to suit every need. If you are looking for a way to boost your business’ security, installing Dome Cameras are a fantastic way to start. Designed for both indoor and outdoor use, Dome IP Cameras are best to keep the onlooker from knowing exactly where the lens is pointed at, making it impossible for people to hide from the camera.  

What is a Dome IP Camera?

Dome IP Cameras get their name from their dome-shaped housings – which are designed to resist all the elements. They are one of the most used security cameras for indoor and outdoor surveillance – in enterprises, malls, hotels, schools, etc. Due to its shape, it is almost difficult for potential thieves or intruders to tell the direction that these cameras are actually pointing at – thus making them an ideal and unobtrusive form of surveillance.

Key Advantages of Dome IP Cameras

  • Discreet Design – Blends with Surroundings
  • Vandal-resistant
  • Wide-angle of View
  • Indoor and Outdoor Use
  • Weather-resistant
  • Night Vision Abilities

Other than these key features, these cameras have a variety of benefits. Let’s look at the key advantages in detail.

  • Wide Angle – Due to its structure, dome cameras can cover wide angles, thereby expanding the field of view – zero blind spots and clear images. If you want a wide coverage from a single camera, say you want to capture the entry passage of your premises or a mall, these cameras are an excellent choice. These are also preferred over other cameras because they do not focus on one area and can cover a 180-degree or even a 360-degree area.
  • Night Vision Capabilities – Safety at night is a big concern for business owners. Installing an HD night vision Dome camera will put an end to all your security concerns. Not only are dome cameras capable of recording HD quality video, but they possess night vision capabilities as well, that are normally needed in offices, warehouses or places wherein there is low light. This is one of the main reasons why dome cameras have captured the interest of business owners.
  • Discreet and Low Profile – The reason for the popularity of dome cameras is that they are not easily noticeable and conspicuous – which is particularly useful when you don’t expect passers-by and visitors to be instantly aware of the existence or whereabouts of surveillance cameras. If installed with a tinted dome, it’s almost impossible to determine where the camera is pointing. You won’t even know if the camera is operational or not. This is useful for crowd monitoring like in casinos and crowded areas like malls and the airport.
  • Vandal-Proof – If you have installed IP Cameras in your premises, you would obviously want it to be safe from damages. Most of the dome cameras are installed in a vandal-proof case, which makes it very difficult for thieves and other lawless elements to disable or damage the camera. Since these cameras are often mounted directly to the wall/ ceiling, they are tough to knock off. So, you will never miss any video footage if someone tries to tamper with your cameras. This is a characteristic that would appeal to businesses that put safety as their top priority. 

At Matrix Comsec, we are experts in IP Video Surveillance solutions. Dome Cameras are just one of the different types of security cameras we use when we design and install Video surveillance solutions. 

Whether you want to keep a check on your workers/ employees’ productivity or identify individuals entering or exiting your premises, our experts will listen to you and develop a surveillance solution that includes various types of IP cameras and security equipment to best address your needs. Contact us today for more information. 

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