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Matrix Media Gateway

Legacy equipment or outdated communication systems take a toll on the best of your business economy. Should you find yourself in the rut and need a way out where you can maintain your old communication system while being able to gain VoIP features as well, hybrid communication systems can be your solution.

Nowadays, hybrid communication systems are shaping up the future because it’s nearly impossible for organizations to discard their whole communication systems in order to upgrade it to the latest technology, VoIP. There are many factors to consider before taking this step, such as current investment on their on-premises set up, compatibility with existing architecture, systems, and hardware, as well as factors like the cost of implementation, user adoption, and security concerns. Owing to this situation, organizations have started adopting Hybrid UC systems that gives them ‘best of both world’s’ experience.

Matrix Hybrid Communication Solution combines IP and Analog – the best of two worlds for optimum utilization of IT infrastructure, providing agility and flexibility to organizations. It is a diversified range of Hybrid IP-PBXs to meet the changing requirements of small to large enterprises. It comprises advanced telephony features to ensure cost-saving, investment optimization, asset utilization and increased staff productivity. This opens doors to newer applications and opportunities that helps expand the footprints of an organization. Matrix SARVAM UMG is a Universal Connectivity Media Gateway offering connectivity to VOIP, GSM/3G/4G, T1/E1 PRI, and POTS networks on a single platform.

Benefits of Hybrid Communication Systems

Effective Resource Utilization

Well, it goes without saying that instead of generating more resources and buying newer equipment, it is most essential to utilize every resource effectively which is already available in the organization. Universal Media Gateways interfaces with an existing PBX system via FXO/FXS, BRI, and PRI or over IP. The Gateways work as an adjunct to existing telephony infrastructure, with no need to replace any existing equipment. Hybrid UC environment helps:

  • Utilize Existing IT Infrastructure with Existing Telephones
  • Use the same Internet Connection for Voice and Data
  • Enables Users to Send SMS from their Email Client using GSM SIM
  • Use Smartphone for Office and Personal Communication

Future Proof Investment

Let’s say that you have the latest technology in your organization but due to this ever changing technology, the technology you currently own becomes outdated or obsolete. With Hybrid systems, you might not need to change your entire IT infrastructure to match the latest one. These systems link an organization’s existing infrastructure to the new age communication networks ensuring right connectivity and least cost for each call. It is an ideal solution for workplaces such as call centers, ISP, ITSP, wholesale terminators and organizations experiencing high call traffic on a per day basis.

  • Ready for New-age Technologies
  • Support for New-age Devices
  • Easy Scalability through Expansion Cards to meet Evolving Needs

Lower Total Cost of Ownership

With universal routing combined with least cost routing, telephony costs can be significantly reduced. To avail cost benefits, the system can be programmed to select the most economical network on the basis of number, time, network, port and combinations of each. The universal slot architecture allows selection and configuration of interface options to match the exact call traffic requirements of any organization.

  • Call Cost Saving on each call
  • Optimum Utilization of Internet Bandwidth – using the same Bandwidth for Voice and Data
  • Customer Satisfaction – increased Responsiveness
  • Reduced Travel Charges within Office Premise and between Office and Field Resources
  • No need of Additional Application for Configuration

Matrix VoIP Gateways help businesses manage huge call traffic over mobile networks and drastically cut down recurring telephony bills.

Business Continuity and Networking

VoIP Gateways bridge the gap between VoIP and traditional communication networks enabling corporates to avail advantages of the latest communication technology. IP networks offer benefits such as call routing, call signaling, voice compression and many more that allow efficient handling of voice and data using existing communication infrastructure. GSM extends the reach of businesses as compared to fixed lines by converting fixed-to-mobile calls to mobile-to-mobile calls. It enables traditional extensions to connect to IP Phone systems and place outbound calls over the desired network.

  • Customer Assistance whether Inside Office or Outside Office
  • Assured Communication between different Locations even in Case of Trunk Failure
  • Reduced Downtime and increased Visibility of Entire Infrastructure from Central Location
  • Connects Two or more Data Networks using E1 Line

Simple Administration and Management

Multi-locational connectivity and seamless staff mobility makes business administration a lot easier. A reduction in multiple devices, no change in accustomed dialing patterns and reduced operator call volume makes management like a breeze. Staying connected at all times, communication convenience and workforce collaboration aids to business effectiveness and efficiency.

  • No need of Modem for Remote Maintenance
  • No need of Additional Application for Configuration and Maintenance
  • Enables Monitoring Network Elements, Audit Network Usage and Detect Network Faults

If you are searching for the best option available for Hybrid UC environment, Matrix Telecom offers enterprise-grade solutions that provide uninterrupted business communication by augmenting your organization’s communication capabilities. The integration of Media Gateways into your current PBX system makes communication easy and improves workforce productivity.

Bring Matrix Hybrid Communication solution to your organization and save additional investment in acquiring the latest technology equipment.

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