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It is not a doubt that the retail industry in India is one of the booming industries that India has seen in the last few years. According to one of the IBEF reports, the industry in India is responsible for a 10% part of the GDP contribution as well as India is the fifth largest global destination for retail space. Noticing the growing nature of the industry, retail stores require advanced security as a lot of incidents of theft, vandalism, and breaches are increasing around the country and globally too. Also, the need to monitor the parking premises to maintain customer security outside the retail store as well. If these security prerequisites are left unchecked the retail store might incur huge losses when a mishap occurs for which the insurance might not compensate adequately. Here is how retailers can quickly fix the loopholes without breaking a sweat.


Retail outlets looking for advanced security options should firstly opt for installing IP Video Surveillance at their premises. The benefits of the same are countless against the challenges retailers face globally. One of the major challenges that retailers face is shrinkage of stock due to shoplifters and employee thefts. According to Sensormatic. Global Retail Shrinkage Index 2017- 2018, India ranks second in terms of inventory shrinkage with 2.13% shrinkage as a percentage of sales wherein employee theft and shoplifters are a major menace for the retailers. Here, the IP video surveillance acts as a deterrent for both employees and shoplifters thereby, giving real-time notifications to the retailers on their smartphones. Gone are the days, when retailers have to hassle-about setting up surveillance by adding devices to their systems. IP Video Surveillance helps them monitor their premises through remote surveillance.

Apart from saving on the shrinkage through remote surveillance, there are numerous other benefits that the retailer can avail of due to IP Video Surveillance. Let’s explore a few of them together.

  • Securing Point of Sale:

Another situation where IP Video Surveillance aids retailers are the Point of Sale (POS). One of the most manipulated areas by the internal employees in a retail outlet is the Point of Sale. Moreover, there have been instances where the employees have not recorded the transaction in the system and accepted the cash from the customer. As a result, the retailer faces a loss over here. To break this loop of unfaithfulness, the retailers can install an IP camera at the Point of Sale which acts as a deterrent for the cashier. The result is no unrecorded transactions and the level of profit is maintained.

  • Securing Parking Premises:

Parking premises are another place where unfavorable incidents can take place with the customers. Imagine saving a customer’s vehicle from theft just because you had a 5MP IP camera installed at your parking premises grows the trust of your customers towards you and your store. Also, customers find it safe when there is IP surveillance where parking spaces are underground in retail outlets. So, opting for video surveillance in your parking premises should also be something that you should not avoid.

  • Ensure Employee Discipline:

This might sound trivial, but employee discipline is equally important for a retail store. The way employees treat the customers determines whether the customer will actually come again next time or not. An IP Video Surveillance ensures that the employees are not taking unnecessary breaks and attending to the customers’ needs adequately.

Well, finding an IP video surveillance solution that fits your budget at the same time provides you comprehensive security is rare. To eliminate such issues, Matrix offers IP video surveillance solutions. The Make in India IP cameras manufacturing company is offering IP cameras that are powered by the Sony STARVIS back-illuminated sensor that gives you a clear image even in the light as low as 0.01lux. Furthermore, with features like adaptive streaming and camera-wise recording retention, one saves on the storage and bandwidth costs. Find out more about their video surveillance solutions here.

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