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Educational facilities have a large number of students and faculties. Collecting accurate time-attendance data and maintaining it is quite a cumbersome task for the institutions, especially when done manually.

To ease out the entire collection and management of this data, Time-Attendance solutions can prove to be a perfect answer. However, in order to understand how such a solution can help, let us first understand the challenges that educational institutions face with respect to time-attendance.

Time-Attendance Challenges

  1. Difficulties in Attendance Capturing: Most educational institutions capture attendance data of their faculties and students manually. With no advanced technology in place, such as the biometric devices, it is difficult to procure accurate attendance data. Furthermore, without a proper Biometric Attendance solution in place, it would be difficult to keep track of when students come and go. It is possible that students may leave in between and enter false attendance data. Moreover, manual recording is quite a tedious and time consuming task.
  2. Proxy Punching: With students it is quite possible that attendance is marked by their friends, leading to false and inaccurate attendance data. In this case use of RFID cards may also prove unreliable since friends can again indulge in proxy punching.
  3. Class Bunking:Students, as mentioned above, may leave before time, bunking their classes and it would become quite difficult to keep track with manual recording.
  4. Multi-locations Attendance Data Management:There are many educational institutions that are spread across multiple locations. Collection and management of attendance data across different locations is another Time-Attendance challenge faced by educational institutions.
  5. Payroll Integration for Staff:Without having a proper Time-Attendance solution in place, it becomes difficult to provide accurate payments to the faculties and staff since there is lack of accurate and correct attendance data. This may lead to discrepancies in payment and also delay in salary payments.

Time Attendance Solutions

As a solution, biometric time-attendance solutions have become quite popular amongst educational institutions. Having a biometric solution such as a fingerprint or palm vein recognizing device can prove quite helpful in procuring accurate and timely attendance data of both students and faculties/staff.

Notifications for Exceptional Situations (Alerts to Parents & Teachers and more) Parents as well as teachers/staff can be alerted to discrepancies in attendance details of students and teachers/staff respectively. This ensures that students do not miss their classes and faculties/staff are aware of any inaccuracies in their attendance details.

  • Report Generation: Reports can often prove helpful in decision making as well as keeping track of attendance records of students or even each class. Various reports, using different filters can be generated. These reports can also be shared with parents in order to keep them abreast of attendance records of their children. Similar reports can also be shared with the faculties/staff.
  • Scheduled Reports to Parents, Teachers for Easy Decision Making: The reports that are to be sent to parents and teachers can also be scheduled. For example, a monthly attendance report of students can be sent to parents and teachers with the respective data. Such reports can aid in easy decision making.

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