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Why COSEC ARGO Developed?

Whether you’re a businessman or an entrepreneur, security and productivity are the top most aspects for any organization. Prevailing to the growing demand and security threats, access control system has always been extremely essential for every organization. To improve workforce productivity and efficiency, almost every organizations are adopting access control and time-attendance system.

Let’s look at the challenges with the existing Biometric Door Controllers:

• Fingerprint Identification Issues
• Protection from Potential Threat
• Delayed Response in User Authentication or Longer Time in User
• Authentication
• Unexceptional User Interface
• Harsh Environment Applications

To address such challenges, Matrix Comsec – a leader in security and telecom solutions for New Age enterprises and businesses have launched new series of door controllers – COSEC ARGO Series. It has enhanced IPS LCD touchscreen display for a visually splendid experience. The door controller, with a perfect blend performance and elegance redefined, brings a modern design to the Access Control and Time-Attendance applications. The door controller is designed to meet the aesthetics, technology and harsh environment application requirements of the large & multi-location enterprises, SME & SMB organizations.

COSEC ARGO: Performance, Security and Elegance Redefined

It is a comprehensive device that can be used for multiple applications such as Access Control, Time-Attendance, Cafeteria Management, Job Processing and Costing, Visitor Management and Contract Workers Management. COSEC ARGO Series comes with two different fingerprint sensors – Optical Sensor and Multispectral Fingerprint Sensor. COSEC ARGO offers versatility through support for multiple credentials such as biometric fingerprint reader with optical and multispectral sensor, RFID reader with MIFARE® Smart, HID iCLASS, HID Prox and EM proxy card and PIN based identification. This flexibility allows faster and accurate user verification, enhancing security by using dual verifications for high security applications. The advanced fingerprint sensor algorithm and ARM processor used also assists in avoiding long queues, saving user time and improving productivity.

Matrix COSEC ARGO Versus Traditional Biometric Controllers

Let’s have a look at the Differentiations of COSEC ARGO

• IP based door controller with a built-in reader
• 3.5” IPS Touchscreen LCD with Gorilla Glass
• Elegant Aesthetic with Full Frontal Glass
• Open Connectivity with Ethernet, WiFi, BLE, USB, POE
• Ultrafast Fingerprint Identification (2x Fast Sensor)
• Wall and Flush Mount Options
• Simple and Clean Installation with Minimum Wiring
• Intuitive User Experience
• Vandal Resistant Enclosure with IK08 Design
• IP65 Certified – Suitable for Outdoor Applications

Additionally, the intelligent workhorse comes with a higher user and template capacity i.e. 50,000 users and 100,000 templates on a single device. These features greatly reduce separate hardware costs as multiple requirements are met by a single device. It is also a benefit for large enterprises, where the requirement of using such multiple applications is common.

How New Age Door Controller Can Help Your Business

The New Age Door Controller – COSEC ARGO, is engineered for demanding usage installations such as Office Main Entry, Reception, Floor Main Entrance, Server Rooms, Manufacturing Plant, Conference Rooms and more. Organization’s need for elegance and style is met by COSEC ARGO series through surface and flush mounting options along with its curvature design.

Sounds Interesting! Shoot us an email on for more information about the performance, design and engineering wonder – COSEC ARGO Series or click here.

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