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Centralized Monitoring and Control

Centralized Monitoring
  • Monitor Multiple Locations Centrally
  • Flexible, Distributed, and Open Architecture
  • Matches any Organization Structure and Hierarchy
  • Better Situational Awareness and Quick Response Time
Centralized Monitoring

Ease of Navigation and Global Search

  • Multi-layer E-map to Navigate Between Buildings, Floors, and Cameras
  • Monitor Cameras and Sensors Placed in Organizational Layout with Notifications
  • Search Footage based on Date-time, Interval, and Source
  • Fetch Footage from RSS, Camera, NVR, Backup, and Archive

User-defined Roles and Responsibilities

User Defined Roles and Rights
  • Create Custom Roles for Admins, Operators, and Viewers
  • Control Access Rights to Features and Sensitive Areas Within the Surveillance System
  • Customize According to Your Organization’s Structure and Hierarchy
  • Better Control and Management Minimizes Security Breaches
User Defined Roles and Rights


Highly Scalable Video Management Software for Enterprises

Highly Scalable

Connect up to 65,535 cameras and 255 cameras/recording server while enabling up to 1,000 concurrent users

Highly Scalable Video Management Software for Enterprises

Interoperable Video Surveillance Solution


Connects seamlessly with Matrix and third-party IP cameras and NVRs, supports API-level integration with Matrix Access Control Systems

Interoperable Video Surveillance Solution

Integrated Video Management System

Integrated Video Management System

Seamless integration with fire alarms, POS systems, and intrusion systems and database level Integration with boom barriers, weighbridge, and toll booths

Integrated Video Management System


Enterprise Intelligent Video Analytics

IVA license for vehicle tracking and parking management, automatic number plate recognition, people movement and tracking


Real-time Alerts and Instant Notifications

Real-time Alerts

Get instant SMS, Email, video pop-up, and audio/ buzzer notifications without worrying about false-alarms

Real-time Alerts and Instant Notifications

Quick Investigation with Day Highlight Summary and Time Lapse

Day Highlight Summary

Quickly view large files and bookmark events, lock evidence via exporting video clips with precise start/end times

Quick Investigation with Day Highlight Summary and Time Lapse

System Monitoring Alerts and Health Status Reports

System Monitoring Alerts

Receive instant notifications for events like recording failure, network disconnection, and camera failure, and access detailed system health reports

System Monitoring Alerts and Health Status Reports

Optimized Storage with Adaptive and Smart Recording

Optimized Storage Space

Retain high-quality recordings without worrying about storage space with adaptive recording, camera-wise recording retention, and two-level data compression

Optimized Storage with Adaptive and Smart Recording

Cognitive Response Engine with Automated Monitoring

Automated Monitoring

Configure up to 999 events as triggered inputs and set multiple actions per event and experience proactive security surveillance that eliminates human constraints

Cognitive Response Engine with Automated Monitoring

Technical Specifications

Functionality and Specifications

Deployment Architecture

  • Centralized/ Distributed Management and Recording Components

Centralized Management and Control

  • Yes

Operating System Platform

  • Microsoft Windows

DBMS Support

  • MS-SQL

Video Wall/ Multi-Display

  • Yes

ONVIF Support

  • Yes – Profile S. Profile G

Mobile App without Cost

  • Yes – SATATYA VISION (Android and i-OS)

Multi User Login

  • Allowed

Single User login on Different Client

  • Allowed

Login Via SSL - Secure Socket Layer Login

  • Yes

Retrieval of Password through OTP (SMS/ E-mail)

  • Yes

E-mail and SMS Templates for Events and Action

  • Yes (Default and Custom)

Creating Custom/ User defined Events/ Alerts

  • Yes

Calling Custom Events through TCP and HTTP API

  • Yes (Trigger)

Integrating COSEC and Custom Database

  • Yes (For User and Vehicle Details)

Activity/ Events Logs

  • Yes with Custom Search Criteria

License Management Configuration

  • Yes

Device based License DongleSupport

  • Yes (Dongle 200,Device Supported: COSEC VEGA or COSEC PANEL LITE V2)

Vehicle and User Attributes

  • Yes (Add/ Edit/ Delete)

Failover Recording Server without additional cost

  • Yes

Redundant Recording Server without additional License

  • Yes

ONVIF RTSP Server without additional License

  • Yes

Transcoding Server without additional License

  • Yes

Server and Entity Connection with Dual ISP (Failover ISP Support)

  • Yes – Support for 3 different networks
    Local Network
    Primary ISP
    Secondary ISP
    Applicable to Management Server, Recording Server, FailOver Server, IVA Server and Devices.

Fail-Over/ Redundant Server Support and Recording

  • Yes
    Local Drive Support
    Device/ Entity wise redundancy
    Playback Support

Playback Sync for Failover Server/ Redundant Recording Server

  • Yes

Recording Server Configuration

  • Yes
    Enable/Disable Server
    Assigning and Configuring the Devices (Recorders and IPC) to Server (Auto Discovery , Manually and Auto Add Matrix Devices)
    Set up Storage, Recording and Backup
    Location and Contact Information

Configuring Camera and Device

  • Yes
    Profile Setting
    Stream Parameters and Stream Usage
    Recording and Backup
    Basic Settings (OSD, Image Appearance)

Video Streaming and Recording Format

  • H.265/ H.264/ MPEG-4/ MJPEG

HEVC/ H.265 Streaming over Onvif Protocol

  • Yes (Server Onvif Version 17.06 and Above)


  • Local Drives
    Network Added Storage (NAS)
    FTP Drive

Recording Type

  • Continuous Recording
    Manual Recording
    Motion Recording
    Event Recording

Adaptive Recording

  • Yes

Device/ Edge Initiated Communication

  • Yes (Support for Matrix Video Recorders and Matrix IPCs)

Backup and Archive

  • Primary Backup with Two Level of Archive

Storage and Bandwidth Optimization

  • Yes

Layout wise Resolution and Bandwidth Optimization in Live View

  • Yes

Day Highlight and Clip Capture

  • Yes

Time Lapse Solution and AVI Export

  • Yes

Configuration Cloning

  • Yes

System and Device Time Synchronization

  • Yes (Over ONVIF)

Camera Grouping

  • Yes

PTZ Positions and Tour Configuration

  • Yes

On Screen PTZ Controller

  • Yes

Hardware PTZ Controller Support

  • Yes (USB)

Multiple IPC Export over Synchronous and Asynchronous Mode

  • Yes

Video Export Format

  • Native (Proprietary Format)/ AVI

Watermarking on Export

  • Yes (Image/ Video)

Detection through Investigator

  • Yes (Based on the IVA License)

E-Map/ Site-Map

  • Yes (Server/ Devices/ IPC)
  • Add Electronic Map (.jpg / .bmp Format
    Place the Entity with different Appearance
    Configure Event Notification

E-map through Live View Video Tile

  • Yes

System Monitoring and Health Chart

  • Yes (Server/ Devices/ IPC)
  • Connected/ Not Connected Entity
    Stream Receiving
    CPU Usage/ Memory Usage/ Server Availability
    Storage Usage and Projections
    Recording Rate
    Last and Latest Recording Files availability

User Logical View Tree - For Online Users

  • Yes

Provision to mark Device Under Maintenance

  • Yes with Mandatory Reason

COSEC Access Control Integration

  • Yes

I/O Integration with Relay based Sensors

  • Yes

System Setting

  • Yes
  • User Interface Level – Labels
    Reports and Templates

Multi Language Support

  • Yes
  • User Interface Level – Labels
    Reports and Templates

System Account User

  • Accessibility wise User Rights (Add/ Edit/ Remove)
  • Administrator

File Templates

  • File Import/ Export
    Priority wise Alarms and Custom Alarms

API Integration for Third Party POS

  • Yes (Supported as per API Document)

Four Simultaneous Stream support

  • Yes – Live/ Local/ Recording/ Mobile

Multicast Stream Support

  • Yes (Recording Server; Smart Client; IVA Server; Third Party Client)

64 Camera Video Template with different Matrix

  • Yes

Personalize My View for Live and Page Sequence

  • Yes

Dwell Time Configuration for IP camera

  • Yes – 1 to 60 S
    Individual IP camera level configuration

Client Bandwidth Optimization

  • Yes
    Using Bandwidth available – Yes (Transcoding)
    As per Video tile occupied on Screen – Yes (Layout wise)

Event Log/ Activity Log and Export

  • Yes

Two Way Audio

  • Yes

Audio Broadcasting

  • Yes

Third Party Client - Stream share

  • Yes
    Live View and Playback Data using RTSP Streaming Server

One Click IPC and Monitor Control on Client

  • Yes

Alarm Management

  • Yes – Generation/ Acknowledgement / Comment/ Close

Operator Generated Event/ Manual Event/ Trigger IVA

  • Yes

Bookmark facility with Retention Lock

  • Yes

Edge Recording

  • Yes (512 GB at IPC End Matrix Project and Professional Series – 2/3/5 MP IPCs)

Edge Storage Retrieval and Playback sync

  • Yes
    Connection/ Schedule retrieval of Records

Video Pop up/ Email/ SMS/ Snapshot as Live Notification

  • Yes

Reports with Multi Language Support

  • Yes

UI Personalization

  • Yes – Custom Logo on Client Screens and Video Export

Report Personalization

  • Yes – Custom Logo and Font Size

Advance Report with Report Scheduler

  • Yes

Report with Video Clip Hyperlink - Thumbnail and Images

  • Yes
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