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Remote Video Surveillance

The retail market is expected to experience a substantial amount of visitors particularly, post the pandemic. In this case, the prime concern for the retailers is ensuring a smooth experience for the customers. 

So, how can retailers achieve overall safety? 

One of the solutions in present times is remote video surveillance solutions. Remote surveillance refers to smartly monitoring the premises of the department store without physically being there. The need for remote surveillance has arisen as retailers are now multiplying their businesses from a single store to multiple branches. Looking at the present scenario, security cameras with remote viewing align with the latest technologies that help retailers achieve complete security. Let us learn more about why remote surveillance is ideal for retailers:

Real-Time Monitoring

Remote monitoring gives retailers the convenience of viewing live video footage on their devices. To explain the feature, retailers can connect their Android or iOS devices with the surveillance system and view the footage on the go. Moreover, it empowers their decisions and aids them in handling situations in real-time. Again, they can access the recorded videos and footage as well. Hence, remote video surveillance solutions help retailers in monitoring their premises from any corner of the world and establish a secure environment. 

Integration of Devices with Trigger

The second benefit retailers can avail of remote monitoring is control the operations through ancillary device integration. Most video surveillance systems offer integration with ancillary security devices such as alarms, sensors, access control devices and more. With remote video surveillance solutions, the in-charge can trigger responses to events. For instance; opening the boom barrier at the entry point, granting access to a particular area are a few responses that can be triggered remotely as well. Apart from this, the PTZ cameras can also be controlled remotely with the help of mobile applications. An important point to note is user rights are necessary to trigger responses to the events.

Decrease Oversight

While security personnel might be effective in monitoring the premises, they also tend to miss out on things due to other responsibilities as well. Well, this is not the case with remote video surveillance solutions. Remote surveillance mobile applications act as a second eye for you. Furthermore, by giving real-time notifications on incidents like motion, intrusion or any breach the vigilance oversight is decreased to a large extent. Therefore, you don’t miss out on the details and maintain a total vigilance over the premises. 

Employee Discipline

Retail stores also are inclined towards incidents that involve employee misbehavior with the other staff and the customers too. Moreover, such incidents usually take place when the owner is not present on the premises. Security cameras with remote viewing can work to your advantage in such situations where you can monitor the premises on your mobile phone and take necessary actions. Also, it helps in acting as a deterrent where employee theft situations are dropped down. 

Now that we have discovered the benefits of remote surveillance you might also understand why it is the need of the hour. At the same time, retailers do not have to spend a heavy budget on their security in order to avail such systems.

So, how can you get one for your premise?

Get in touch with Matrix Comsec, a leading security solution provider in Vadodara with over 3 decades of experience in security solutions for various enterprises. Write to us at for further information on remote video monitoring solutions.

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